Tuesday, May 14, 2019


Finally, a practical pitch from a politico . . . Mayor Alvey says people should look for affordable housing in KCK

Here's more about the discount talk:

KCK Mayor Alvey calls on community to help improve city

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Unified Government Mayor/CEO David Alvey held the annual State of the City speech Tuesday, asking leaders to make sure new projects in the community help those who live in Wyandotte County. "You can bring all the development - The Legends is great; Fairfax is great with Amazon," Alvey said.


Anonymous said...


Bring back the Wonder Years to WYCO! There are many good citizens in all districts. said...

Parts of KCK now look the part of that moniker Wyan"DIRT". Seems there's still many residents who care about keeping it decent, even EAST of 78th Street! Churches, Scout troops, veterans, charities, and individuals in mid-century Dotte did some parks and vacant lots cleanups in parts of the urban and midtown KCK. Our downtown parishes did summer projects at several city parks in that era. Back then everything west of I635 had the 'Leave It To Beaver' vibe, until Indian Springs got FUBAR'd. Thankfully, up to and throughout the 1970s, WYCO lake and the park surrounds of the Agricultural Hall of Fame was always pristine. Also, our youth baseball and softball parks were excellently maintained by the county personnel. LITTERBUGS, TAGGERS, AND THIEVES STAYED AWAY from the west-side and Turner venues. Maybe because there were ample park patrols and a heavy public presence, miscreants were thwarted. Or, MORE RESIDENTS AND TOURISTS HAD PRIDE AND RESPECT.