Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Celebrate Kansas City Bannister Fed Complex Toxic Cleanup Progress Years Too Late

Government progress touted that didn't come in time for so many sick and dead workers coping with disaster site. Read more:

Cleanup Of Toxic Bannister Federal Complex Is Ahead Of Schedule, Developer Says

Redevelopment of a portion of the former Bannister Federal Complex site in south Kansas City, Missouri, could begin as soon as late this year, according to the firm handling the project. Most of the buildings have been demolished, and environmental mediation and flood mitigation work continues ahead of attracting possible tenants.

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Anonymous said...

Why is John sharp there? He knew this crap was going on for decades and turned a blind eye, it’s an embarrassment to the families to have that lyin backstabbing son of a bitch there, all so he can get his ugly disgusting face on camera.