Friday, May 31, 2019

Bad Debt Plagues Mission Gateway Reboot

There's more deets for subscribers (and people who know how to use the Internets) but basically this story reveals what we already know . . . MISSION GATEWAY REMAINS INCREDIBLY SHAKY.

Even worse there's just a skeleton crew working right now that's basically attempting to build confidence more than anything else. Read more:

Mission Gateway subcontractors file mechanic's lien - Kansas City Business Journal

Just as work was starting to resume at Mission Gateway, the $200 million mixed-use development at the corner of Johnson Drive and Roe Avenue, it appears the project was struggling to pay some subcontractors. Penny's Concrete Inc. filed a mechanic's lien listing project contractor Neighbors Construction Co.


Anonymous said...

The only mistake this penniless "developer" made was proposing this project in Mission.
He should have gone to the gang in KCMO, who have a bottomless source of taxpayer money to bail out people just like him.
Use the P & L District as a guide!
$15 million every year since it was built and continuing through 2030.
Now THAT'S real momentum!

Anonymous said...

Yes they would have given them the mony.

Anonymous said...

Scrap the Gateway until something worthwhile comes along. That area does not want or need the sort of crap they’re proposing to bring in.

Anonymous said...

^^^ +100

This always seemed like a scam.