Monday, May 20, 2019

435 Mag Posts Prematurely On MLK Blvd Vs. Save The Paseo Fight: Kansas City Council Hasn't Voted To Put Issue On Ballot YET

Just a minor journalism quibble regarding this ongoing story and a magazine round-up . . . The petition was assigned to the Finance & Governance committee only last week. It's on the agenda for Wednesday and it should make it through committee soon enough. But then it must pass the full council where ANYTHING can happen. As of this writing, 435 Mag is counting petitioner chickens before they've hatched. Still a nice article wherein the group has to repeatedly reassure newsies over and over that they're not racist. Read more:

Kansas City's battle over the renaming of The Paseo for Martin Luther King is headed to the ballot - and the national news


Anonymous said...

Hope they win! If it is not put on the ballot, they should sue!

Anonymous said...

They are doing the right thing!

Sue said...

The will lose.

This is an illegal petition and it must be thrown out.

Donavan said...

Not at all. They are in the wrong on this and should be lucky that the only thing that will happen is that the petition will be thrown out. It's one of the sloppiest documents ever to come through city hall. And that is saying a lot.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^^^ WRONG.

It should go on the ballot, the people need to decide.

Anonymous said...

The most deceitful thing done by this clowncil. KCMO already has a school and a park named for King, who never had anything to do with KC. The blacks need to channel their energies toward the myriad of real issues that plague their community.

Jim said...

KCTV5 doesn’t know they changed the name. Every time there is a murder on MLK, they call it the Paseo.

Anonymous said...

The petition should never have been necessary and wouldn't have been if Sly and the gang had any respect for KCMO residents and the basic concept of representative government.
Which they regularly have demonstrated that they do not.
But now the petition will never be put on the ballot for a vote.
To do that the cowards at 12th and Oak know that they then would be "visited", intimidated, threatened, and otherwise abused by the same little crowd who forced them to ignore the public and rename the street in the first place.
KCMO city government is an insiders' game.
And this will just be another example of that fact.
And expensive!

Anonymous said...

Not one mention of how much this cost the taxpayers. All the local news stations stay far away from this subject. Will some one please grow some balls and do some actual reporting ?

Anonymous said...

It Is NOT an illegal petition. What's illegal is pushing it through on the tax payers backs without a vote! Spending tax payers money annually to the King family to use his name! Now that's a crime!

It's The Paseo and always will be The Paseo!!!! Get used to it, we will never refer to it as MLK Blvd.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

People will just start another petition if this gets shut down. This is an issue that will not die until the paseo is saved