Write-In Mayoral Candidate Clay Chastain To Kansas City Star: Knock It Off!!!

As he works to secure write-in access for all Kansas City voters behind the scenes, this town's most prolific petitioner sends a message to the newspaper about their bias against his work. Here's the word:

Open letter to the Kansas City Star from mayoral candidate Clay Chastain

As you know, I only asked for a "fair shot" during the mayoral primary campaign. But your newspaper and most of the rest of Kansas City's MSM made sure I did not get one. This is the reason most of the country no longer trusts the MSM because they too often do not just give the facts to the people and then let the people decide. Rather, they distort the facts, omit facts and put facts in a twisted context in order to unduly influence how the public decides. Most often it is directed at conservative candidates the liberal-oriented media does not like. The liberal Star's treatment of conservative activist Clay Chastain (who is pro life, pro securing our borders, against the earnings tax, against City Hall's interference with petitions, against government's tax incentives for rich developers, etc) is emblematic of this worsening condition which only further divides our country.

Now, for specific instance:

Star's news censorship of Clay: Never during the entire primary mayoral campaign did the Star's news editors instruct their political reporter, Allison Kite, to contact Clay for a quote or to respond to any of Clay's numerous press releases Clay sent those news editors concerning his stance on the issues or about his vision for Kansas City. The Star did not cover KCPT's refusal to allow Clay to participate in its major public debate nor did the Star cover Clay's response to that censorship when he rushed the stage. The Star joined the rest of Kansas City's MSM by ignoring Clay's campaign and deciding for the public which candidate's message would be heard and not heard.

Star's editorial board character attacks on Clay:

The Star did an editorial profile series, Melinda Henneberger, that profiled all the mayoral candidates. All the candidates were presented in a positive manner, except conservative and anti-establishment candidates Clay and "General" Lee. The Star repeatedly mocked Lee and said his campaign was a "comedy act," and said Lee was motivated only by "hate." The Star also mocked and jeered Clay and said Clay was motivated by "anger," "he's suffered from depression," he's "struggled financially," he is only in politics to "file lawsuits against Kansas City," and Clay was "placed on the City's Watch List for perceived threats to Mayor Sly James."

The Star's profiles on Lee and Clay were false, done with malice and were agenda-driven. To emphasize the point further, the Star editorial board had posted a group photo of all the mayoral candidates. In that telling photo, all the candidates were smiling except Clay. The Star used an old photo of Clay looking "angry" (probably taken right after City Hall had done another nasty thing to Clay). You know, the angry white conservative male in America that the progressive left-oriented media is trying to make out as the country's new bad guy.

For the record, Clay does not profess to be an angel, but the very conservative courts of the State of Virginia would never have awarded Clay sole custody of his adolescent daughter if her mother had been able to show in court Clay was...angry, financially struggled, had suffered from mental illness and had made threats against the mayor of Kansas City!!!

So, knock it off Kansas City Star because we do actually need a good, fair and balanced daily paper
of record in our city.

Mayoral write-in candidate. Clay Chastain


  1. Actually, Clay is 100% right here, the newspaper bias against him is unreasonable and what it does more than anything is draw their credibility into question.

  2. Say or think what you want on Clay but he is right about this.

  3. he still gets my vote!!!!!!!!!

  4. One does not need to continually prove his irrelevance.

  5. Pretty good description of journalism in 2020 (and not that different than it was in 1920 or 1820).

    Anyone who takes the time to study the history of the free press will quickly learn that "just the facts" never really existed. From it's earliest days, American journalism was biased and agenda-driven (all the way back to Jefferson vs Adams in the 1800 election).

    Chastain could well have his revenge, as The Star will likely have gone belly-up by the time he runs again in 2023 (at which time, of course, he will get his usual 2%).

  6. If Clay only manages to get 6 votes, one of them will be mine.

  7. Mayor

  8. Jerry Jette (Charlie Wheeler's admin assistant and the greatest politico in KC history, our version of Dick Puck, who elected JFK) used to say about Hubert Humphrey, you'd have to drive a stake through his heart to stop him from running.

    Same goes for Clay.

    Clay, you are done. Raise your daughter and just stay in Virginia. This is pathetic. Your addiction to being right cost you your marriage.

  9. They know he's a crackpot and treat him that way.

    They only people who don't realize it seem to be you pinheads.

    0.92% of the vote, right? Just checking.

  10. KCMO thinks of itself as a big-time "world class" city and the breaking news is a fight between Clay Chastain and the Star?

  11. So now he's not running for mayor anymore? Just district 4 at large? (Or so he says, according to KMBC)

    What are you guys gonna get off on now?

  12. Tracey you pimp of alliterations!

  13. https://www.kmbc.com/article/light-rail-activist-clay-chastain-has-to-be-escorted-at-city-hall/3694777

    A City Hall spokesman said Chastain is one of about 20 people on a watch list.

  14. ^^ and when city hall attempts to play victim is when u sue for slander

  15. I don't see where KMBC was ever sued for this slanderous passage.

    So I guess Clay loses again?


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