Sunday, April 28, 2019

WOF After Riot: Still Safe?!?!

The most unsettling aspect of this story wasn't the youth violence but the cynical manner in which SOME local media outlets and amusement park PR worked to clean up the aftermath and public concern. Here's the latest example:

A week after Worlds of Fun brawl, teens return to park hoping to be left unsupervised

After an April 20 fight at Worlds of Fun involving up to 300 teens, Kansas City area youths who visited the park Saturday said they oppose changing the rule that allows them to visit without an adult. The amusement park draws hundreds of teenagers in the summer.


Anonymous said...

Unattended black “teens” fighting and causing problems. The story of Kansas City Missouri.

Country Club Plaza mobs
WOF fights/obnoxious behavior
Kansas City Zoo free day

Do you see the pattern we have in KC?

Again I state the call to KCMO schools to have mandatory manners classes. These kids aren’t getting it at home that’s obvious.

Anonymous said...

No tears to cry
No feelings left
This species has amused itself to death
Amused itself to death

Anonymous said...

The blacks have ruined everything.

Didn’t sLIEway to hell just say he fixed all this with his diversity speech?

Anonymous said...

No Bantu, No thank you

Anonymous said...