Thursday, April 18, 2019

Will Kansas City Chiefs Suck 2019?!?!

Fanboys provide a peek at the road ahead whilst nothing short of a Super Bowl victory will live up to the nearly constant hype since the disappointing playoff exit that concluded last season. Here's wishful thinking disguised as analysis:

The best and worst games on the 2019 Chiefs schedule

The National Football League released its complete 2019 schedule on Wednesday night, and it's time to figure out which will be the best and worst parts of it for the Kansas City Chiefs ... It's pretty obvious the NFL and the television networks expect the Chiefs to be serious contenders in 2019.


Anonymous said...

6-10 after Mahomes breaks an ankle in week 2.

Lucifer said...

They will if they spend much time in the Crossroads area.

Tracy Thomas said...

Thank you Tony for posting the schedule.
Nobody needs the STAR, we have you.

Anonymous said...

Yes they will suck why does anyone ask?

Anonymous said...

Yes, every year since before I was born... they have sucked for decades, generations and that won’t change this year. If there is one thing we Kansas Citians can depend on it’s that the Chiefs will lose. They are consistent with this strategy every single season. It never changes.