Monday, April 15, 2019

Walking Overland Park Streets: Unsafe???

A glimpse at the impact of youngster tragedy along with a hint that increasing pedestrian peril now confronts this enclave that was mostly designed for cars. Read more:

Students return to school after tragic death of Overland Park teen

OVERLAND PARK, KS (KCTV) -- Monday will be the first day back to school for Oxford Middle School students after an Overland Park teen was hit by a speeding car on Friday. The 14-year-old Alex Rumple passed away from her injuries over the weekend.


Reality Speaker said...

Poor headline. This is a very sad incident, but it is also rare (unlike KC shootings).

The world is often dangerous, and we don't love in cocoons.

Complete safety is impossible, so taking a very unusual event to suggest imminent danger is not justified.

Anonymous said...

The headline is in question form, but, yeah, appears as purposefully tricky wording. That's TKC!

This brings thought of that suicidal, impaired driving teen, Albers. Dang. He could have been a cause of a horrible incident like this, or more deaths, if he'd continued on driving past his driveway.

Anonymous said...

Let’s see what the police report when released says. If it was a medical problem, then it could have happened anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Geezers shouldn't have drivers licences.