Saturday, April 20, 2019

Transit Activist Clay Chastain Kansas City 'Green Transit' Petition Makes Progress

Politics and environmentalism from this town's most prolific petitioner. Take a peek:

Clay's "Green Transit" petition certified as sufficient by KCMO City Clerk and brought to council today.

The City Clerk of Kansas City certified Clay Chastain's "Green Transit" petition as sufficient of signatures to go before voters at the next regularly scheduled election. It will be presented to the council this afternoon.

Because of the Missouri Supreme Court ruling of 2014, involving Clay's light rail petition the City had delayed a vote on for 3-years, the City is now under court orders to place any valid petition from the people on the next election ballot without any legal (pre-election) challenge. This mean Sly and the City's legal department can no longer hold up a vote on a valid petition for any reason whatsoever.

However, if Sly and the City try to get slyly get around that court order by changing up the petition's language and intent (like they previously did in 2017), the committee and I will not only file an immediate lawsuit against the City, but I will also personally confront Jolie and Quinton, current council members, on the campaign trail.

It also means that if the Paseo petition is found valid, the City cannot block a vote on that petition either.

City Hall's nefarious era of jacking with valid petitions from the people, is now "Gone with the Wind."

Now from politics back to engineering:

Clay's green transit initiative seeks to replace the City's enormously wasteful, noisy, smoking and failed diesel bus system with a new quick quiet clean and electrified multi-modal transit system. It will tie the City together including express service from the airport to downtown.

Union Station will become the multi-modal transportation center for this green (all electric) and innovative (uses cost-effective rapid rail, electric buses and Greenways ((right-of-ways for transit, bicycles and pedestrian use only)) transit system. All parts of the City will be served with an emphasis on greatly improved transit for the poorest and most economically depressed areas of our City.

This is a real transit improvement initiative for the people and not an extension of the slow novelty streetcar line for tourists and developers.

Clay designed this state-of-the-art public transportation system to not only provide green alternative transportation options and reduce transportation costs, but also to provide the City a new economic catalyst and major selling point around which we can revive our City from end to end.

The world is going green. This will be Kansas City's effort to take part in that noble cause with the most up to date, affordable and innovative transit system in America. It is a transportation infrastructure improvement that's sure to garner federal funding assistance because, unlike the limited obsolete streetcar for tourists, this rapid expanded transit system will benefit all the people and generate economic development and population growth all across the City.

4th District Write-in Council Candidate, Clay Chastain

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Anonymous said...

Come on Clay, the Mayors office is yours for the taking all you have to do is deliver.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the light rail????? The people voted it in!!!! Where the F is the light rail???

Anonymous said...

gee clay how much is the speculative shit show going to cost?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

what do you think everyone is going to do, drive to the zoo or union station and then take the rail line to the airport?

Byron Funkhouser said...

The only way to replace the automobile is to make it obsolete. No currently available mass transit system will do that. A light rail system, like the streetcar, is just a toy. It will not solve any problems.

What people need is a real folks wagon; a new car that can be purchased for $1,000, real jobs that pay a living wage that don't require a college degree, a new home that doesn't cost over $100,000. Try solving some of these real problems & stop playing with trains.

Chastain shows how hopelessly middle class he is by focusing on this issue. Real people need real solutions to real problems. This toy train solves nothing.

Anonymous said...

clay needs to find another way to be a hero to his daughter.

Anonymous said...

'multi-modal transit system', 'highly integrated transit initiative', if you aren't familiar with the modes and routes, go ahead, be rational, vote to implement it.

Anonymous said...

About damn time the shitburgers at City Hall were forced to start following the City Charter.

Anonymous said...

Some of us are waiting for the "Green Eggs and Ham" proposal.
Which is about as well thought-out as the rest of the nonsense being introduced.
Come on Jolie!
You're obviously big on food issues!
Lead the way!

Anonymous said...

I actually agree with Byron. Is that really Byron?

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^Yes that's Byron the Socialist Nazi explaining how life was in Germany as his Daddy Hitler was killing Jews and telling the people how to live. His Daddy introduced the Folks car later known as Volkswagen.

Anonymous said...

Has Clay not figured out that the bus system is a regional Bi-State commission, not a city entity? All this time and he doesn't know that? The ATA runs the buses, not KC or any city.
He is a "tool" in the sense of the noun.