Toast To Proliferation Of Fruity Hipster Cocktails In The Kansas City Crossroads

Background on the latest place with the temerity to charge 12 bucks for a girl drink . . . Read more:

Mean Mule Distilling Co. to Open Crossroads Distillery and Tasting Room on April 12

Mean Mule Distilling Co. finally has a home to call its own. After spending the past four years hosting pop-up tastings at liquor stores and retail shops across the city and distilling its American blue agave spirit inside the Lifted Spirits facility, the three partners behind Mean Mule Distilling Co.


  1. It is appropriate that fruity drinks proliferate in the Crossroads because most people down there are homosexuals. I bet most people down there have never been in a fight in their whole life.

  2. Byron Funkhouser4/3/19, 7:17 AM

    "...never been in a fight in their whole life..."

    Isn't that just terrible?

  3. Yes. Probably never fired or owned a gun either.

  4. 7:08 ain't getting caught dead in the Crossroads. You can find him at Austin's in Olathe watching the K-state game. For a big night out him and his fat ass wife hit the Olive Garden on 119th and if their server is lucky will get a 10% tip but that is only if the service is exemplary and they didn't have am empty bread basket for even one second. Then it is directly back south for home because anything North of 119th scares the shit out of him and his fat wife. He doesn't know it but his son works the glory hole in Buddies bathroom for free.

  5. 5:49 that b some funny ass shit.


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