Wednesday, April 03, 2019


And here's the latest example of the newspaper taking notes from TKC BLOG COMMUNITY FIRST NEWS LINKING GOODNESS . . . Checkit:

Report: Raytown police captain sexually harassed coworkers | The Kansas City Star

An internal affairs report from the Raytown Police Department alleges a former captain engaged in a range of inappropriate behavior, including sexual harassment, for more than a decade. The retired officer, Doug Goode, said most of the allegations are not true.

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Anonymous said...

The current and recently re-elected mayor of Raytown is a 40 year veteran of the Raytown Police Department or thereabouts, is he not? TEN YEARS OF HARASSMENT from one individual in the Raytown PD, according to FOIA and the KC Star?

Was this mayor aware of these allegations?
Was this employee allowed to retire under investigation...WITH FULL RETIREMENT BENEFITS?
Is this one of the reasons that former Chief Jim Lynch "retired" 2 years into his 4-year commitment to the voters?

What other embarrassments does this city have to serve up?

We'd prefer to live in a scandal-free city that is capable of fixing its issues and moving forward. What to we have to do to put a halt to this malarkey?