Saturday, April 13, 2019


First thing first . . . Kansas City's most prolific transit activist is 100% correct when the talks about the necessity of write-in space on the upcoming ballot.

Over the years many Kansas City voters have forgotten that Mr. Chastain has been absolutely correct about more than a few local topics. He was right about restoring Union Station. He's correct when he engages voters on the street level in face to face conversations. And now his ballot check on City Hall is also in line with local election rules.

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Check his presser for the explanation and perspective from one of the most strident and consistent activists for voter rights KCMO has ever seen. Checkit:

Clay Chastain informs City's legal department they must put candidate write-in line on general election ballot.

Former primary election candidate, conservative and engineer Clay informed the City Clerk and the City's legal department (Attorney Sarah Baxter) they must include a candidate write-in line on the general election ballot, or face a legal challenge to the election.

The charter does not include instructions to the City Clerk for placing a candidate write-in line on the general election ballot. Therefore, the issue must give way to precedent and Missouri State Statutes.

#1. According to the KCEB, the KCMO 2007 general election ballot included a candidate write-in line on the sample ballot.

#2. Missouri State Statute, 115.453 paragraph 4, discusses write-in candidate lines for a general election ballot.

#3. When you vote for President of the United States, there is a candidate write-in line on the presidential election ballot.

Therefore, the City Clerk / City's legal department must amend their current and defiant stance and place a candidate write-in line on the general election ballot or face having the election legally challenged in court.

**Note: The Statute also prohibits losing primary candidates from declaring themselves as a write-in candidate for that same elected office in the general. 

So, Clay now declares himself to be a write-in candidate for the City's 4th District at Large Council seat.

Clay can fix our messed up City just as effectively from that important council position as being mayor in a Council / City Manager form of government. Clay is not a rah rah, schmooze with elitists nor a ribbon cutting mayoral-type anyway.

So,,,,,,,Clay's candidacy to... stop the City's excessive violence, clean up City Hall secrecy and corruption, stop ALL tax incentives to wealthy developers, eliminate the earning's tax, focus the City's attention on improving infrastructure - not pushing more glitzy projects for corporate interests, putting the Paseo name change to a public vote, confining the slow, novelty and obsolete streetcar to downtown and promoting his "Green Transit Initiative" (to modernize and expand the City's transit system as well as be the catalyst to restore, grow and prosper our City around)...lives on!!!!

4th District At-Large Council write-in candidate, Clay Chastain

And all of this has inspired our playlist tonight on the topic of Clay's career and local Democracy . . .

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Anonymous said...

Clay would be great on the city council. He should get even more local. The 4th in district is going to be really close and he could tip the balance there. But I get it, at large he can get more votes.

Anonymous said...

I'm writing in Clay for President 2020.

Anonymous said...

This is actually a good compromise for Chastain.

Begin reforms as a Council member, remind residents that he's a bright problem-solver, earn renewed respect, and then make a more serious run at the Mayor's office.

Anonymous said...

Clay needs to stop talking about Clay in the third person. Unstable people do that.

He also needs to sue KMBC, I guess, when they quoted someone from city hall saying he was on a watch list. He's had two years.

So I guess that makes him either a liar, or a liar.

Vegas says the over/under for Clay's vote total for the Fourth District is 12.

Anonymous said...

Where do I get my Clay Chastain yard sign?

Anonymous said...

Your nearest unicorn has some svailable.

Tunnel Vision Progressive said...

Bottom line is city hall insiders/upper echelon have probably instructed the City Clerk and the City's legal department to leave the write in option off the ballot. City hall bureaucrats/upper echelon do not want, in any way shape or form, Clay to have a chance to infiltrate the failing KCMO establishment bureauracy.

Anonymous said...


STFU your post isn't funny and you're not Kansas City's English teacher. Not a doctor either. IDIOT

KCJ said...

I like Clay for Council. It's an idea that needs to be further explored.

Anonymous said...

No Way Clay

Anonymous said...

it would be good to have anything but the machine rubber stamp. A lot of people thought he had more genuine thoughts on a platform that what we heard of from any of the other candidates. He perseveres and has independent thinking. Both good things, and you can be sure he is not carrying out marching orders for the insiders and their sponsors

Anonymous said...

KC is only good at creating bad memories for some people clay, you may be one, so why bother?

Anonymous said...

We voted in LIGHT RAIL, why do we not have a light rail? CORRUPT CITY GOVERNMENT thats why!!