Sunday, April 28, 2019


We have some VERY SMART PEOPLE AMONG OUR TKC BLOG COMMUNITY READERSHIP and here's an IMPORTANT angle regarding the story of Kansas City football domestic drama that all of MSM have overlook so far.


AWESOME TKC READER: Release of Tyreek Hill's Recorded Conversation

I am troubled with the fact that KCTV 5 released the tape on Tyreek Hill without entertaining whether said release is or isn't a direct violation of International Law!!!

I believe the issue with this scenario lies with the question “who authorized KCTV5 to release this recording - especially a conversation that was allegedly held in the Dubai International Airport⁉️” 

As a matter of fact and law, recording a conversation period is a punishable crime in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai)!!!

Under UAE Federal Law:

Article 378 of Federal Law No.(3) of 1987 of the Penal Code as amended by Federal Law No. 34 of 2005 specificall states that:

"A punishment of confinement and fine shall be inflicted on any person who attacks the sanctity of individuals' private or family life by committing any of the following acts in other than the legally permitted cases or without the victim's consent:

A: Eavesdropping or recording or transmitting by any system of whatever kind, any conversation held at a particular place or via the phone or any other set.

B: Picking up or transmitting by any system of whatever kind, a person's picture at a particular place.

If the acts referred to in the above two cases during a meeting within the hearing or sight of the person attending, their consent shall be required.” It is clear that Tyreek’s girlfriend violated the UAE’s Federal Laws for recording that conversation but KCTV5, I believe, is not authorized to release an illegally obtained conversation, especially one that was out of the United States jurisdiction!

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Anonymous said...

Recording should be thrown out. Not really evidence anyway, just hearsay.

Anonymous said...

Well Dubai laws dont get enforced here so no biggie.

Anonymous said...

The NFL doesn’t really care about laws in Dubai. The NFL only concern is maintaining an illusion that they care about a child. If the NFL wants to ban him from the league, they can do it. They should kick him out forever.

Anonymous said...

The ragheads think that blacks are lower than whale shit, so doubtful they would care.

The Truth And Nothing But The Truth So Help Me God said...

I don't know who sent this to you but several things about it are wrong.
1. This recording is between two people in a relationship in a public place.
2. If you want this recording thrown out then the two in question here are in violation of cohabitation laws of the UAE and should be charged as such.
3 This conversation while it may not hold up in court in the UAE in the state of Kansas where the couple live it does.
4. Your friend is trying to interpret a international law which they have no real clue about.
Since both are legal citizens of the United States and live in the state of Kansas that is the state the recording should follow under.
Kansas and Missouri are both “one-party consent” states. Kan. Stat. Ann. §§ 21-4001(a)(3) & 21-4002(a)(1); Mo. Rev. Stat. § 542.402(2)(3). This means that if the recording party is part of the conversation, it is legal for him or her to record. On the other hand, it is illegal to record a conversation between people who are unaware of the recording if you are not a party to the conversation (wiretapping someone’s phone line, for example).

Federal law, like Kansas and Missouri, requires only one-party consent. This is true of most states. A minority of states, however, are “two-party consent” states. In these states, you must have consent from all parties to the conversation before recording. Have you ever wondered why all of your customer-service calls begin with the phrase, “this call may be recorded for quality assurance?” One reason is that companies do not want to risk running afoul of two-party consent laws.

Why you people keep trying to defend either party of this child abusing couple is some of the most ridiculous and insane behaviour I have ever seen. I would sure hate to see what you think by law you are allowed to do to your own kids. Those of you trying to stand up for Hill are some real sick pukes.

Anonymous said...

So who is protecting the child in this matter. Someone needs to punch that monkey in his chest and then break him black ass arm.
Don’t care how good he is a football. He is a loser at being a parent. Why that woman is still with him is beyond me. She needs to get away from that dick before he hurts the twins .

Anonymous said...

The mother placed the value of a lifestyle with an NFL player over the safety of her own child. She is a whore.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Truth @ 6:30. Best comment of the day.

Tracy Thomas said...

So who was in Dubai?

The Paseo Street Sign said...

The Chiefs replaced that nigga in the draft with a nigga so lets move on, the kid is safe.....for now, he will probabley grow up on the streets of KC and end up dead in a gun battle in the hood 20 years from now.

Unknown said...

First, allow me to clarify some things: First, the recording hasn’t been admitted into evidence anywhere to support anything, I was questioning whether kctv5 was authorized to release to the public an illegal recording that occurred in Dubai‼️
Secondly, the recording that you mentioned was, in fact, recorded in another country’s public place that strictly prohibits this type of conduct‼️ Third, who said they were cohabiting...they could have just been tourists; Fourth, if you are trained in the science of law you will know that in any case that comes before a court of law jurisdiction has to be established- in other words, jurisdiction is established in the place where the crime is committed and this is where it will be adjudicated - in other words, where was the recorded conversation recorded that Is evidence of a crime committed? Contrary to your assertions, the recording was recorded in another country that should been alerted that a crime was committed on their soil; And lastly, I am very well versed in law- especially international law
-just because you are a citizen of the United States does not mean that you are exempt from prosecution if you commit a crime in another country - I know personally because when I was a navy seal I went to Dubai on leave, met a Muslim sister, had pictures of her as well as had sex with her, was convicted of it and court marshaled and kick out of service in an international tribunal‼️ When you are done ragging me about something I personally experienced, just remember, in Dubai you cannot record conversations or take pictures of anyone, even with their consent and you can be expedited back to Dubai to account for violating their federal laws - with Hill, the crime of illegally recording a conversation occurred on foreign soil and where the crime is committed establishes jurisdiction over the matter - not where you live‼️

De Oppresso Liber said...

@9:14, a few points about your post...
1) UCMJ would not have allowed you to be tried "in an international tribunal",
2) if you had such a trial it would not be a Courtmartial (not marshal)
3) and if you were "a navy seal" you'd know what letters are ALWAYS capitalized.
4) you may not be familiar with the concept of "Stolen Valor", so I'd suggest, for your own future health, you become familiar with it.

Anonymous said...

Rendition the failed mother to Dubai and let justice prevail.

Anonymous said...

Not much positive news today


Anonymous said...

9:14 STFU you phony asshole. You do know here in America it's illegal to impersonate a member of the military.

WTF is the matter with people?

Anonymous said...

If a real lawyer had given this information to Tony they would have admitted who they were and not have to hide their identity. Who ever passed it on I going to bet it was just someone doing a little digging who doesn't know what can and can't be used in an investigation of this nature. As for it being legal or not an anonymous person isn't going to carry any weight with me. International law is some strange stuff and I doubt anyone here knows how to interpret it. I'm also sure I bet KCTV5 did a little checking with their legal counsel before the airing of the tape was cleared. So all you freaks who are going to bat for Hill need to take a chill pill. I think the Chiefs had enough reason to fire Hill minus what was said on the recording and am betting that will be good enough with the NFL to ban him. I doubt anyone from the UAE is going to want to come get either one of these two worthless parents.

Anonymous said...

It is an interesting twist to the case. I doubt that Dubai is going to press criminal charges against whomever made the recording, but if they did, there should be no problem getting that person extradited for trial in that country. Although there is an argument against it, a judge is not likely to exclude the recording from evidence in a civil or criminal trial assuming the proper foundation is laid. But the NFL does not care about any of that. It's not bound by Dubai law or rules of evidence. If there is public outrcy against Hill, the NFL will disappear him without waiting for all the facts to roll in.

Anonymous said...

Jesus, whoever authored this article is a fucking dolt. Bet you regret wasting time on this trash. Thanks Tony for showing all of us what a dumbass your buddy is.

Anonymous said...

Dubai just called and said "Keep your Trash"

Anonymous said...

all teams and the NFL just need to do better in making better choices of what players they bring into the game...Hill was a bad choice from the start..Both the parents need to be held accountable and never be able to breed again...hopefully the twins wont get harmed, when born remove them from the situation they will never know how screwed up their parents are