Thursday, April 18, 2019


Once again we have a special guest post from one of our most thoughtful readers on the topic of a longstanding debate that remains a delightfully tasty argument over an alleged nothing-burger.

To wit . . .


The commentary on all things related to Prez Trump via social media is mostly comprised of rantings from drunk uncles arguing with the hysteria of angry aunties.

Meanwhile, in this long form and worthwhile analysis, TKC FAVE CHUCK takes a different turn and offers insight into HOW this question fits into the increasingly divisive American discourse from Brookside to the Beltway . . . Special thanks to Chuck for his perspective as we offer a comprehensive list of news links from both sides after his first word:

KC Conservative Chuck: Stuck In The Silo And The Turning Of The Tide

The Mueller Report will move no needles in the Democrat, or Republican Silo, where confirmation bias is life sustaining sustenance . . .

There will be no convincing anyone in their respective left and right wing dugouts that ANYTHING has changed. The left will still believe that Trump and Putin are sub rosa BFF's forever and the right will insist that the entire affair was a witch hunt from the beginning.

The real question, that those folks in both camps should entertain, is what the folks in the middle think. It is the center, that still holds (Thank God) and decides elections. As we slouch towards another mud slinging, grind through still another national election, there is one thing, one point, that no one with above room temperature IQ can disagree with and that, is that the middle will determine, if the last two years of sonic wails from the 4th estate and the absolute insistence from Adam Schiff that there was collusion was real, or, a fabrication. The middle will determine who lied about the Russian Collusion story.

In my opinion, as I have consistently stated, highly stationed, unelected bureaucrats in the Federal Government, in the previous administration, the DOJ, FBI, NSA, CIA, State Department, in cooperation with 5 Eyes partners, illegally, criminally and with premeditation, made up, ex nihilo, from whole cloth, the Russian Collusion story to effect, then destroy the Trump presidency. This is a multifaceted, nuanced, complicated story with a paripatetic, confusing time line, mysterious, nefarious players and those players are guilty of treason and sedition.

As Grand Juries are impaneled, as testimony is forthcoming, as criminals are indicted the wailing and gnashing of teeth from the left will reach sonic wail proportions. The Mueller "Investigation" was always about the best defense, being the best offense.

Check the links:

Vox: Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Trump-Russia Report

Axios: Trump's legal team calls Mueller report "a total victory"

Fox News: Mueller report reveals top Trump advisers resisting, defying president's requests on probe

NPR: Team Couldn't Rule Out Obstruction ... Or Firmly Establish It

Daily Caller: Mueller Report Directly Contradicts Bombshell BuzzFeed Story

Time: The Attorney General Said There Was 'No Collusion.' But Trump Associates Still Interacted With Russians More Than 100 Times

NBC News: Report shows Mueller lacked proof Trump's obstruction attempts were 'conscious wrongdoing'

Yahoo: Trump uses another 'Game of Thrones' meme to celebrate Mueller report

EW: HBO slams Trump's Game of Thrones tweet about the Mueller report

IndieWire: Edgar Wright Calls Donald Trump the C-Word After President’s Reaction

NyMag: Everything We Learned About Jared and Ivanka in the Mueller Report

The Hill: Chuck Todd - Trump, Barr 'successfully neutered' impact of Mueller report

Atlantic: 14 Must-Read Moments From the Mueller Report

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Still more to come on this one. I hope Chuck isn't right about the conspiracy but it looks like this story isn't dead yet. My guess is that most of the country wants to move past it.

Anonymous said...

President Trump beat Alec Baldwin. Finally some justice!

I could shoot somebody and not lose voters said...

What I love is how some on the left and the likes of CNN and Msnbc keep equivocating on the report. They keep selling this sizzle and pushing some groundbreaking finding when even Mueller has advised against it the whole time. I'm not saying Trump is a genius, it looks like if he got his way and cancelled the Mueller report then he would have fallen into the trap. As for the evidence in it, it's not that exciting for Joe Six-Pack.

Remember the politician who said "The only way I can lose this election is if I'm caught in bed with either a dead girl or a live boy"

Trump talking about shooting somebody on 5th Avenue is basically the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Remember when Clinton got impeached for lying about a blow job? Fuck it, I guess I'm numb to it all. I'm just going to turn off the TV any time Trump goes on, because he lies so much I can't trust a thing he says. This doesn't even take into account all the dumb shit he says. Between the lies and dumb shit, really, what's left? Like maybe 5% of what he says is worthy of a listen? I don't know man, I don't know.

And if Sarah Sanders doesn't just take a permanent vacation after getting clowned in this report....I guess there's a job for any idiot out there who wants one.

Anonymous said...

Didn't read it, not going to read it. Total bullshit and a waste of time.

Anonymous said...

Trump Wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Super Dave said...

Chuck offers up some good points here.

No matter what, there are people who won't let this matter rest. Meanwhile a lot of elected officials have wasted a lot of time that could have been better spent doing their real job and not out snipe hunting.

In my honest opinion the ones who should have been investigated have not been.

Anonymous said...

The violent left just won’t give it up, proven wrong over and over and they just won’t stop digging that hole they dug themselves into. Sad.


Anonymous said...

President Trump was innocent so now it’s Barr’s fault, just a distraction from their failed lies?

Byron Funkhouser said...

The investigation began when a Trump campaign advisor bragged to an Australian Diplomat that the Russians had thrown the election for Trump. She contacted the FBI. The already debunked notion that the investigation started with the Steele Dossier is the fodder for the right wing conspiracy theories that Chuck is espousing.

Apparently, the Trump Campaign didn't have to collude with Russia because they were both already working to the same ends. Trump tried TEN times to obstruct justice, but was unsuccessful. Is that enough? That is for Congress to decide in the upcoming impeachment trial.

One thing is clear: Donald Trump is unfit for the Office of President.

Anonymous said...

The people in the middle still think, correctly, that chuck is a fucking flake.

Anonymous said...

Yay, habitual liar wins! Always wanted a habitual liar for a President myself! Yay, 2 Dumb 2 prosecute, I win.

Ever gone to court or been under investigation and heard who was investigating you and said "I'm fucked", like an innocent guy would?

Maybe we can get Scott Baio or Diamond and Silk to weigh in here.

Doesn't matter, even if Dems brought impeachment, Republicans are spineless now and would kill it. They sure felt differently about those egregious Clinton lies back in the day though.

Anonymous said...

@ 457, who are you and why does anyone, including your mommy, care what you think. You are an idiot and you just proved it.

Anonymous said...

@ 509, see the comment aboutyour twin brother "457"

Anonymous said...

One thing is clear: Socialist Nazi Byron your lady friend lost so get over it.

If you're saying Trump is a Liar then I am calling you out for the same thing. You lied to get your government handouts, you lied about Mark in fact about everything that comes out of your mouth is a lie.

Like to see Trump have you investigated and see who is the fraud and cheat in the end.

chuck said...

Your are categorically incorrect Byron and you miss the real point, at this point, which is the search for the genesis of the initiation of this "Witch Hunt".

"March 14, 2016 – First known meeting. Papadopoulos met Mifsud in Italy approximately one week after officially joining the Trump team."

Keep in mind, just how impersonal and evil these nefarious, odious and Machiavellian these dark forces from the previous administration were and are. Papadopolulos went to jail, had his life wrecked. He was a speed bump, "peripheral damage" in the effort to destroy Trump.

This counterintelligence operation seems like Chess to we rustic rubes out in the hinterland, but in fact, it is basic 101 shit to folks in the FBI and CIA et al. It's called "stove-piping".

Misfud is sent (AND THIS, THIS, THIS, IS THE QUESTION.) to meet with Papadopoulos to establish a conversation about "The Russians". Then in a later meeting with Downing a "he" not a "she" (And subsequently, others.) he is pushed and convinced to mention his information, from the plant, the operative, Musfud, thereby supplying gravitas for an investigation, into the fabricated (By way of the conversation.) Russian - Trump connection.

The same thing happened with Michael Isikoff - who, was willingly and with his knowledge, used to initiate - with the assistance of Buzzfeed the release of the phony dossier. The phony Steele dossier was unbelievable and no one would touch it- so, Fusion GPS delivers the dossier to Yahoo's Michael Isikoff and then, Comey goes to see Trump, tell him about the Dossier and that it is "unverified". The very action, of going to see Trump about the Dossier, is Leaked, because it is news worthy and THAT in conjunction with the Dossier itself, in conjunction AGAIN with the article that Michael Isikoff now writes provides impetus for the creation of a Special Council (Along with Comey's firing and leaked memos of his meetings with the president) to, again create a Special Council.

It is all fuckin bullshit, created, ex nihilo out of whole cloth to destroy Trump.


The shit, is gonna hit the fan and we should all hope that it does, or, there is NO RULE OF LAW AND A TWO OR THREE TIERED LEGAL SYSTEM FAR, FAR MORE CORRUPT THAN WE HAVE EVER IMAGINED.

Byron, you have told me, many times, that there is no such thing as the Deep State.

THIS, is what they call, PRIMA FACIE.

chuck said...

Let's hope, that we find out, exactly who, sent Misfud and Halper to meet with Papadpoulos and then sent Downing to plumb and fish for rhetoric that he could record and use as fodder for this travesty, for this treason, for these punishable (I hope) sins against not just those on the right, but all Americans, whom I hope, would see this misinformation campaign come sophisticated FRAME JOB, where people were destroyed as the treason it is.

chuck said...

By the way, the exact thing happened (The Isikoff-Yahoo-Comey visit-Dossier) with the acquisition of FISA warrants used to spy on the whole Trump Campaign.

It's rotten to the fuckin core.

America needs to KNOW, who sent Misfud and Halper on their mission to use G. Papadopoulos as a lever to start the investigation.

THAT is the Genesis of this "investigation".

Icarus said...

The Russia hoax investigation was a dog and pony show from day 1. The investigation just shows, what most people already know, that regardless of whether federal, state or local the politicians, bureaucrats, agencies, appointees etc. are corrupt liars who run a criminal enterprise disguised as government. Sadly none of the characters will be held accountable. Very evident there is a multi-tier just us system.

KCMO government violated charter in renaming the Paseo. Now Overland Park and Shawnee have entered the ring with their version of behind the scenes misdeeds that is not conveyed to the constituency. Do not forget the stonewalling going on in Clay County. The people asked for an audit and the commissioners are trying to stop it. Missouri residents voted for more transparency and the state government is trying to negate it.

This mess will not stop because the blind leading the blind keep reelecting the same people over and over and they refuse to curtail the corruption. The bureaucrats and agency appointees are the main culprits as they operate behind the scenes.

Anonymous said...

Sad the lame stream media, the marketing are of the Democrat party, will not get their head out of the sand and report what is actually happening as opposed to glossing over everything.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see Mueller come to the logical conclusion that Trump obstructed Justice. Now that Congress is in the hands of the adults in the room, they began the impeachment process. Clinton was indicted for less. Screw the Republicans who are the enablers and abettors to this criminal enterprise. Omar will be bringing the impeachment articles next week. It’s time. The country demands it.

chuck said...

6:06 Bad news, you have the dreaded "DDD" disease.

Dissociative Democrat Disease.

"Glad to see Mueller come to the logical conclusion that Trump obstructed Justice."

That didn't happen. There are no indictments only a "Guilty until proven innocent, unproven implication" by a team of partisans who, IF THERE WAS A FUCKIN PRAYER IN THE UNIVERSE, would have indicted Trump in a nano second.

No doubt, the idiots in Congress, subject to the same "DDD" disease, would and will impeach Trump for using ketchup instead of mustard on his hot dogs.

So what, you're all, at this point, crazier than Jack Nicholson in "The Shining".

Anonymous said...

When you live in a town like KCMO where you have to count your fingers after you shake hands with one your local elected officials, the least of your worries should be what's happening at the federal level.
The Mueller Report will affect residents and businesses in KCMO not the least bit.
The results of the upcoming election will continue the swirl down the toilet.
Choose how your time is spent carefully.

Anonymous said...

Except for the fact that Omar's a one and done antisemitic disaster, and that top Democrats have already kiboshed impeachment.

You lose. Again. Don't you tire of it?

Anonymous said...

Bill Clinton was impeached for lying UNDER OATH about his relationship with Monica. That's called perjury, and it's a crime. Bill should have offered as a defense that neither he nor Hillary could tell the difference between a lie and the truth, and therefore he had no criminal intent. That might have been a winner.

"My guess is that most of the country wants to move past it." My guess is that nearly all Democrats desperately want the whole thing to go away. But stay tuned - perp walks are coming, and none of them will be Trump.

Anonymous said...

Relax folks be patient Twit-In-Chief Cadet Bonespurs isn't out of the woods yet. Seven ongoing Congressional investigations and and the SDNY & EDNY aren't anywhere near being finished.

Anonymous said...

The obstruction of justice was worse than Nixon and Clinton.

Impeachment is inevitable.

Even Trump knows he's fucked. That's a direct quote. Bigly.

Smiling Jack said...

Damn you guys read fast - I've only gotten to page 62 of the PDF download, and here you people have read the entire 400+ pages and are now fully informed about the content we are permitted to see.

I'll try to hurry through the rest so I can see which ones of you are correct and which ones are full of crap, because surely none of you are stupid enough to be shooting off your mouths about the report without reading it for yourselves.

I can't wait until a "non-redacted" version is leaked, so we can see what the report really says.

Anonymous said...

Look, you will never be able to convince the Trumpkins that they have backed a con man as their President. If Mueller says that Trump didn’t collude with the Russians, then I believe he didn’t. On the other hand, if Mueller says Trump obstructed Justice multiple times and he cannot exonerate him, then I damn sure believe he did that! Thankfully the House is in the hands of the Dems, and they will do what must be done for the good of the country.

Tracy Thomas said...

9:17, for the good of the country? Thx I needed a laugh, here on Maundy Thursday.

Thank you, Chuck, for your insights, and Tony for publishing them, because the STAR is not accepting comments, and family Easter dinners have put this topic on ice, at least till the French silk pie is gone.

Many R's voted for conservatism, rather than Trump. Many Americans want to clean up the swamp in Washington, and instead, it has gotten worse, with people obsessed that Hillary ran the worst campaign ever, and lost.

At least the economy is chugging along.
The cable networks can't let this story go, or ratings will plummet, so we have 20 months at least of this crap.
Even Rush said today, turn off the TV, you're not going to hear anything new.
People are sick of this story.
Chuck was right--no minds are being changed.

Anonymous said...

Impeach! Impeach! Impeach! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Nancy said no. Look, just admit you lost the election and try to come up with a ground game for the next one while there's still time.

Anonymous said...

It says there was no collusion, with an appendix detailing how stupid you were to fall for the Russiarussiarussia bullshit in the first place. Photo section. You're welcome.

Anonymous said...

Nah. Now what will be interesting is how the Nixonian overreach of Obama will look under a closer microscope. ;)

Anonymous said...

I think Barr looks at the Democrats and the Media, continuing to Gas Light the American people and it must, as it should, make anyone with any grasp of objective reality pissed. This will, I hope, give impetus to a very, very enthusiastic pursuit indicting the MANY Federal Government Felons in the last administration.

It would have to make any even handed, fair minded prosecutor, who sees the criminals who ran rough shod over the rule of law, ruined people's lives, wrecked and crippled an incoming administration with lies and accusations, want to even the score, not just for vengeance, but for the importance of returning a belief in the equal application of the law, for everyone.

We will see...

Anonymous said...

This is what the Russians do. The US also does it. The problem is how easy it was to manipulate through the internet. I think after Obama and then the choice of Clinton. Two clowns. I’ll say I’m a little disappointed in Trump,but he is better than Clinton.

Anonymous said...

Chuck is the weirdest fucking dude. Can't imagine what rabbit holes on the internet that guy is going down day in and day out.

Anonymous said...

Pay (NO COLLUSION!) no (NO COLLUSION!) attention (NO COLLUSION!) to the (NO COLLUSION!) man (NO COLLUSION!) behind (NO COLLUSION!) the (NO COLLUSION!) curtain!