We knew this story would blow up overnight and this morning the drama has Conservatives in a tizzy across the nation.

The story and the facts no matter partisan viewpoint . . .


TKC take this morning:

Violent campus protest against conservative speakers has been spreading across the U.S. for years, thankfully, by the time any trend gets to Kansas City it's watered down and lame.

Also, when did bleach become the weapon of choice for political denizens in Kansas City??? We blame City Hall for using bleach to target hobos. But I digress . . .

Real world result . . . A very lame, unprovoked and ill-considered attempted attack gave a C-list pundit a great deal of publicity.

Most locals didn't know of Michael Knowles until last night:

Now, he is a martyr for Conservative free speech yet, thankfully, very much alive and safe.

Here's a really bad look at the event:

From UMKC:

"Protesters disrupted a lecture on the UMKC campus this evening that was sponsored by a student group. The protest turned disruptive and after several warnings, the disruption persisted, and one protester was arrested.

"We have a responsibility to allow free speech, but we cannot condone physical disruptions of peaceful activities. We believe free speech can be exercised constructively in a way that doesn’t put people at risk. We are gathering facts and will review campus policies & procedures."

From The speaker:

The event featured conservative political commentator Michael Knowles, a Fox News contributor and host of “The Michael Knowles Show” on the Daily Wire. Knowles said in a tweet that a person tried to squirt bleach on him during his speech: "A student tried to squirt bleach on me during my speech tonight. Lucky for me we was a left-winger and couldn’t even shoot a squirt gun!"

Check the links:

UNEWS: One arrested after protest at on-campus event

KSHB: One arrested after 'disruptive' protest at UMKC event, school says

KMBC: Video posted of incident shows protester being tackled, shocked with Taser

FOX4: One person arrested at protest of guest lecture at UMKC

Daily Wire: Daily Wire's Knowles Sprayed With Bleach-Like Substance By SJW Protester During Speech At University of Missouri-KC


Developing . . .


  1. Squirt gun?

    They couldn't just make a clever sign? How embarrassing.

    1. Hey now, be fair, he got a pretty good turnout for a c-list fox contributor.

    2. And this is why they're at UMKC in the first place. Not the nation's finest here.

  2. Yep. Typical prog-fascist hater of free speech.

  3. Anderson Vanderbilt4/12/19, 8:28 AM

    We have crews on the way

  4. Lots to cover here so I'll go in order:

    1. Disgusting they they would not let the man talk. Why go to a speech if you don't want to listen?

    2. They need to be expelled from the school. UMKC is a leading institution in some areas and should not allow that behavior.

    3. This is just another sign that the real terrorist threat is from the left.

    1. Are you nuts Johnston?

      right wingers kill people in their houses of worship all over the nation but you're getting triggered by a squirt gun?

      I don't condone violence in any form but let's have some equity and reality in this discussion.

    2. False equivalence fails.

  5. Mr. Slie Frosty4/12/19, 8:33 AM

    Good job give that protestor a medal!

  6. Protest sponsored by Jolie Justus for Mayor supporters.

  7. Facial recognition software should have been used and disseminated to the authorities responsible for jailing the law breakers. Anyone squirted or otherwise injured should seek legal counsel and seek damages. Names should be posted and employers notified.

    These very very very dangerous liberals should identify and apologize and be required to visit socialism countries like Venezuela and see how that works out for them.

    Blame AOC and her hatred for America and Conservatives everywhere. Her election should be a one time “thing that happened” and we should learn to know what hatred of America looks line.

  8. How does it feel geezer?4/12/19, 8:40 AM

    I think Michael Knowles is making this all up.

  9. AOC and her freshman partners do hate America.
    Every time they talk or use social media they become laughingstocks and clowns.
    Pelosi becomes more respectable every time AOC and her class clowns talk.
    This is the best gift to Conservatives they could have imagined and insures a 2020 Sweep... and hopefully NY will gain a bartender again soon.

  10. Story is all wrong.
    The trannies are the victims.
    They are ALWAYS the victims.

  11. Here is a small portion of Anti-Fa attacks just in 2017.

    The growing violence and chaos, given carte blanche by the Fascist/Progressive/Democrat/Socialist Media and Fascist/Progressive/Democrat/Socialist politicians that has resulted in ersatz Brown Shirts beating, attacking and shouting down every speaker whose politics differ from the blinkered, bandwagon bullshit that now passes for policy in that same Fascist/Progressive/Democrat/Socialist platform is and will continue to grow.

    The "Russia Hoax", the Climate Change hoax, The "New Green Deal" hoax, reparations, the list of untenable, unworkable, divisive, brain dead schemes designed to euchre Americans out of their money, power and redistribute that money and power to Central, Federal/Fascist control where politicians with the IQ of Flipper Babies decide our fate is in full swing with the support of graduates from places like UMKC (Where once, you could actually get a decent education for a reasonable amount of money.) and colleges all across the nation.

    Violence is the answer for these porcine progs whose IQ's and erudition is evident by way of their insistence that decibel level = the revelation of objective reality. They are thugs. P.E.R.I.O.D.

    Again, as this country inches closer and closer away from the low level, frequently violent, Civil War, now being waged by the left, on the right, under the thin patina of the erroneous pretense of moral superiority and faux sanctimony, it would behoove these Brown Shirts to think of this---this country, as it once was, is not just worth dying for, it is worth killing for-you fuckin cocksuckers.

  12. Spot on as usual Chuck.

  13. protester runs in with a gun (squirt gun) and aims it at speaker?

    in todays world, protester is lucky he didn't get his ass shot by police. actually would have been a little karma/darwin award if he would have been shot. cant fix stupid.

  14. They need to shutdown UMKC.

  15. Agreed! I lean Conservative and previously did not know the name Michael Knowles. This just put a spotlight on him.

    Yet again, it's another example of the SUPER-INTOLERANT LEFT who commit all the atrocities which they accuse the Right of seeking to impose. Precious Fragile Snowflakes who get triggered at the thought of someone with an opposing viewpoint being able to express themselves.

    I noticed a lot of the protesters were wearing pink and fit the stereotypical appearance of some in the LGBTQ SJW groups. It's always ironic when an individual claiming discrimination/persecution for their core identity traits are so willing to trample upon the rights of others.

    I'll blame the following:
    1) Youth and inexperience
    2) Societal indoctrination of victim status being a positive
    3) Liberal atmosphere of academia
    4) Narcissism
    5) Low IQ's and the dumbing down of youth

  16. He really should've been shot. What if it had been the favorite substance of muzzie personal attacks in Europe? Legit strong acid in the face? At some point there is likely to be a major retaliation to this constantly perpetuated left wing fascist violence. I wouldn't have even stifled my laughter if he had been shot and killed. I'd feel bad for the police officer that had to do it though. Even taking the life of a useless thug is difficult. And that's the primary problem: progs have been engendered with the thought that anyone who doesn't agree with their mental disorder is less than human. We have to start recognizing this fact and quit treating them as humans.

  17. Good work! Glad to see it! You wanna spew hate and lies for a living? This is what you get! He deserves it.

  18. 9:16 you and your filth are the intolerant Fascists that spew hate.

    Get a little too close you piece of shit, see what happens.

  19. What a gaggle of freaks, looks like a psych ward i was expecting them to smear shit on the ground and start rolling around in it. But seriously, this has been parodied on baby boomer level tv programs like blue bloods, its a very stale shock tactic.

  20. Then he pulled his hoodie up over his stretched ear lobes and his man bun, ran out of the auditorium, jumped on his bird scooter and raced back to his crossroads hideout. Later, when the commotion subsided, he ventured out to find a cock to suck.

  21. Dumb. Bleach can be a two-way street. The best way to attack whacko conservatives is to LET them speak.

  22. bleach in someone's eyes can cause blindness.. That being said beat their ass for stupid shit like this conservatives need to start fighting back hard give these assholes a taste of their own bullshit. Violence u bet meet it with overwhelming response.

  23. I bet geezer boy was at this protest with a big transgender is normal sign.

  24. The left is against free speech. Dictatorships start most often from the Left. They are there to help. Wake up everyone.

  25. Pinkos wearing pink very fitting.

  26. 9:30-
    AOC is writing the book on talking.
    While she cleans up the Trifecta of DUNCE/Clown/Jester- she speaks hatred of America and continues to alienate those who elected her.
    She has stirred up nothing but Hate and has contributed nothing while enabling a bottomless chasm of the socialist enablism.
    The left media can bear responsibility- but it comes down to hating Capitalism and not wanting to work hard.
    Her voice needs to be heard so we can see what hatred looks and sounds like and avoid the circumstances that lead to her getting elected.
    As it stands- Trump will win 2020. Barr will lock up leading Democrats who showcased the Dossier and it will entrap Democrats leading to a sweep of elections for Republicans.
    AOC has her own campaign finance problems that could put her away behind bars (not as a bartender) for years.

  27. We do indeed live in the heart of america banana republic of Dumfuckistan.

  28. It will be an interesting 19 months to Nov 2020. It’s gonna be an intolerable shit show across the board. I might need to find a cabin in the woods.


    Fukubuncha domestic terrorist dumbasses!

    Gawd damn these fascist, filthy f*©ks!

    These degenerates are blameful for this B*LLSH*T:

    Taliban Twins (Omar/Tlaib),


    Screwy Louey (Kill whiteys) Fairy-con,

    Al (Tawana Brawley) Sharp-tongued,

    Jesse (HimeyTown) Jacks-off,

    Barry (police basher) Hussein Oblackish,

    and MORE!

    1. BathHouse and his husband Michael are behind this homo hoax!4/12/19, 10:43 AM

      Add: Juicy (MAGA hats did it) Smell-it.


  30. I would encourage people to lock and load because this filthy fat pig with the rest of those four eyed pigs will be right back out on the street. These people have a different set of rules and I for one am sick of it.

  31. love watching black cops destroy the white boy claiming racism

  32. What i see is conservatives ready to kill and punish anyone who disagrees with them because they were threatened by a squirt gun and a laundry product. BUT they obfuscate when white men kill multiple people in churches.

    THAT is real political terrorism.

    1. BlieROB=He lies alot and robs disability!4/12/19, 11:25 AM

      You don't "see", you're blind. Can't keep to your lies, BlieROB!

  33. False flag. Everybody knows Conservatives secretly love and are obsessed with trannies.

  34. Geesus, relax Frances(es), it was fucking squirt gun. No need to go all civil war you fucking weirdos. Head back to the safety of your basement, put on your tin foil hats and logon to Info Wars.

    And yes, these protesters are idiots.

  35. Professor Crackske4/12/19, 10:55 AM

    None of my journal'isms' students did this.

  36. Team Lucas Justus4/12/19, 10:56 AM

    They did nothing wrong

  37. Political theater. They both wanted this to happen so bad. Just a disgrace for UMKC, they should have known better and canceled the event.

  38. Put Chuck on the watch list please.

  39. Extreme left wingers love to talk about tolerance but they're completely intolerant of anyone who dares to diagree with them
    including less extreme members of their own party.

  40. It’s a real shame this little Faux News troll wasn’t blinded. Then he would understand there are prices to be paid for hate-speak and gaslighting the American public. Oh well, maybe next time! Fingers crossed!

    1. Yes, wish blindness on that person. Thank goodness you're no hatemonger.

  41. We need to return to when you went to college to learn practical sciences: chemistry, physics, medicine, engineering, mathematics, law, and so on. This “exchange of ideas” and “have open debate” nonsense isn’t what higher education is supposed to be.

    You should be there to learn the technical skills, critical thinking and hard knowledge to get you in the door of a real career as an adult.

    Example: the “angry white male” class at KU. How does that help prepare you for a career in the real world?
    Show me a company where having that on your transcript gets you the job offer?
    (Although I suspect it probably could somewhere).
    Now I do understand about “Well rounded education” and “liberal arts”, but that’s not a good example of either.

  42. 11:32 "Hate Speak" defined by those Fascists who seek and end to the Rule Of Law, the 1st Amendment and the ascendance of Progressive Tyrants in a Uni-Party system.

    In 1966, during Mao's "Cultural Revolution" Commissars were on every block, reporting to the Communist-Uni-Party leaders, those whom they arbitrarily decided were threats to the Party. Millions were exterminated, their families destroyed, their lives ruined by scum, just like 11:32.

    Mao - “A revolution is not a dinner party, or writing an essay, or painting a picture, or doing embroidery; it cannot be so refined, so leisurely and gentle, so temperate, kind, courteous, restrained and magnanimous. A revolution is an insurrection, an act of violence by which one class overthrows another.”

    Putting me on a watch list, as 11:10 thinks, makes sense only to those, who would see a man with bleach, literally trying to blind someone whose ideas he disagrees with and approve of that same tactic.

    This new, American "Cultural Revolution" is different only, in that the Commissars on the corner,are Tech Giants like Twitter, Google, Facebook, Youtube et al, who are solidly in the Fascist/Socialist/Progressive/Democrat silo and hope to control us all, through the intimidation, violence, social opprobrium and economic destruction that sub standard intellects like 11:32 believe are their only option in the face of the unambiguated failure of their political policies.

    Progressives - blinding someone in order to silence debate, in no way surprising anymore.

    Be careful what you wish for, cocksucker.

  43. Nazi is National Socialist party. Seems to fit the current left wing of the Democratic party. Look for the Democrats to either get beaten badly in 2020 or a split in to two parties with same results. Adults are waking up to the maturity of the Republicans.

  44. I wish chuck would grow some balls and speak some of his hate speak in public instead of on here. But alas, like most conservatives, he’s a tough guy on the internet, and a coward in reality. You advocate for civil war, but run for cover when the bullets fly. This is why you run on ad-nauseam, ad-Infinitum all the time. It makes you feel like a real man instead of the worthless cuck you really are. Cocksucker.

    1. Shudup, hypocrite dumbshit!4/12/19, 12:30 PM

      Big talk from a cocksucker signing anonymous. He signs his name, you don't. Well, you didn't this time, BlieROB.

  45. Ever notice how crazed liberal and democrats who so claim to be against violence and guns are the one always turning to violence and disruptive screaming to make their voices heard. A gun is a gun when it's attempt by the user is to cause harm. Sure some of you loonies on here will chime back it was only a squirt gun but it's an implement when loaded with the wrong substance could have life altering consequences for the victim.

    Looks like battery charges should be made in this case. But some prosecutor will probably dismiss the charges after the guilty party makes a donation to some cause and does couple hours of community service such as protesting at the next event they disagree with.

    When someone is speaking somewhere and I don't care to hear what is being said I do what most smart people do. I stay the fuck home or go else where.

  46. We all may not have the same opinion on this story, but I think the one thing we can all agree on is that rat fuck BYRON FUNKHOUSER should be in prison for welfare fraud. Also for just being an all-around piece of worthless shit.

  47. Welcome To KCMO Felons, illegals, and MS-13 Welcome!4/12/19, 12:28 PM

    Vote Justus!

  48. 12:07 Chuck is easy to find. He is not anonymous and uses his name on this and other blogs.

    You should go look him up!

    I think everyone on this blog would love to hear about it.


    BTW remember, this ain't the Golden Gloves and you should get your affairs in order first.

  49. Lyin' SLie Jamez4/12/19, 2:01 PM

    Good job kids! Social Justice For All!

  50. Oh no, just notice the WILDMAN trying to get attention for his shitty blog that nobody reads. I guess this thing really is a feeding frenzy. Sorry WILDMAN, nobody gives a shit about your socialite status anymore. JARDINE'S IS CLOSED. They're remodeling it to put some cool shit in there now.

  51. This is what the University of Missouri - Kansas City has become? Threats of violence rather than debate. I noticed there were more critics in the audience then supporters but of course that was overlooked.

    UMKC does not support hate whether from the left or right.

  52. False flag. This was just more marketing from the TRUMP agenda. Just a KC crisis actor display.

  53. Protesting isn't illegal. It's a right. Shouting a racist down is heroic.

    Now Knowles claims there was bleach involved? Weak. He just ripped off Jussie Smollett. This is probably a staged fake attack on himself for publicity.

    Fake news folks.

  54. I think we should have an "elephant walk" and work this all out. Let's make it happen Capt'n.

  55. Leftist thugs in action. They don't want a debate, they demand obedience. This is what socialism looks like.

  56. Byron Funkhouser4/12/19, 2:28 PM

    A hateful man was invited to UMKC by a hateful student group to sow hatred & intolerance (under cover of religion & freedom.) If you call a gay man a fag, & an abomination (I love that word), the gay man may hit you, but he's not going to pretend that your words are protected by the First Amendment (Congress shall make ...).

    It's the same for everyone else who is the target of right wing hate (everyone who isn't a white man.) If you call a black man names to his face, he may hit you. If you call a woman names, she may hit you. If you start chanting,"Jew will not replace us.", a young Jew might hit you.

    The real problem here is that conservatives don't know how to read, &/or deliberately misread the First & Second Amendments.

    "Congress shall make ..." UMKC is not Congress.

    I've been arrested several times because if you insult me to my face, I will hit you. You can cry, "First Amendment" while clutching your broken nose.

  57. KC college brawl. It was more interesting back when the tennis team was have a "welcome" party with one of their groupies. I heard the turns were going like a merry go round. Fun for ALL.

  58. Byron you don't know what you're talking about, you are supporting intolerance and threats of violence. You are WRONG and you are conducting yourself improperly. You are not a liberal, you're a disgrace.

  59. Why can't somebody teach these college students that all of this is just a distraction from making a good living and getting ahead, they're being misled.

  60. There is way to much faggotry at UNKC, administration and students alike. Time to replace gay faculty and administrators with normal people. Then the students.

  61. If what you say is true Byron, then Mark and Gloria had every right to pound your ass till there was nothing left but a wet spot. You posted insult after insult against them.
    By the way a gay man is a fag. Saying so is offensive maybe but not illegal. Remember the old saying taught to kids back when we had a real education system? "Sticks and stones may break my bones but names can never harm me."
    I see you use the term Nazi Dave a lot in here. It isn't illegal but in your way of thinking Dave should pound your ass into the ground. Hell I'd pay a decent price to see that happen. You talk a lot of shit on people but in the end the only one who is the real turd around here is you and you alone.
    Calling someone a name isn't cause to physically attack someone. As much as you shit on and call Trump names, I wish he would have a midnite party go to your doublewide and deliver back to you the kind of medicine you think those who call others names are entitled to.

    What makes you scary is you think you have all the rights and nobody else does.

  62. 2:28, next time do some research before you make an even bigger fool of yourself than you already have. The First Amendment, and its equivalent in state constitutions, apply to all level of public institutions, not just to Congress and state legislatures.

  63. Michael Knowles makes more intelligent and logical arguments than the angry and fanatical social justice warriors.

    The literally can not win in a debate, so they resort to heckler's vetoes and violence.

  64. MLK-Dream-Follower4/12/19, 3:39 PM

    A far-left wing idiot recently attacked a non-racist Trump supporter in the airport.

    The victim of the left-wing violence discovered that the woman who assaulted him has a mom who is very ill and in need of medical expense help.

    The Trump supporter decided to forgive the violence and contribute money to the mom's fund. He is asking other people to do this, too.

    Perhaps there is a way we can help out these fanatical idiots who embrace violence and fascist tactics against conservatives to show that when they go low, we go high.

  65. Grow up, goof/contrarian/know-it-all/racist!4/12/19, 3:44 PM

    The lies and lunacy just goes on and on with you, BlieRob.

    So, how are you going to land a hit to someone's nose? You're supposed to be "blind". It's an absolute idjit who is boastful enough to announce his arrests for violent acts as responses to name-calling.


  66. future Democrat "Community Organizers" in training

  67. Hope the little pinko enjoys the diversity in the Jackson County Jail.

  68. 8:36 my comment is not about some twit i never heard of that spoke at UMKC.
    Venezuela isn't a crisis of socialism it is crisis of oil, again. I been to Venezuela shortly after the The Caracazo protests, had a lovely time, great beaches, great food, nice people, very reasonable lodging.

  69. Gee vacation kansas city or venezuela? I'd recommend Venezuela.

  70. I guess free speech is a great idea as long as we agree with whatever looney tune nonsense is coming from the left, but as soon as there is a difference of opinion, watch out. Then those with other ideas are called haters, racists, homophobes, etc. We can no longer sit down and have calm, productive, and open discussions any more. Everyone is so angry and disrespectful and unwilling to consider what someone else believes or thinks. How sad. BTW, and I'm sure this will piss off any number of people, men are men, women are women, you can't change DNA, stop telling people they can switch back and forth. I honestly don't give a flip how people live their lives, how they dress, or who they hook up with but don't shove your crazy crap in my face and condemn me for how I live MY life.


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