Tuesday, April 23, 2019


The depth of TKC understanding extends only to around 12th Oak, State Line, Troost and then 75th Street . . . Everything else might as well be on another planet.

THANKFULLY . . . The inquiring minds who read TKC actually have a nuanced understanding of issues above and beyond the comprehension of Kansas City's worst blogger.

Again, for TKC the cable news conversation sounds a lot like conspiracy theories which blame Col. Sanders for world domination. BUT, this blog is all about alternative perspectives and tonight a comment fave shares a viewpoint worthy of consideration.


Chuck: The Puzzle Palace And The Big Lie

Churchill once said, "Men occasionally stumble onto the truth, but then, usually pick themselves up, dust themselves off and move on as if nothing happened."

We have been lied to. All of us. Preoccupied with the "shiny" new "Impeachment" thing, the cable news channels make bank on our distractions and our emotional commitments to preconceived narratives. We chase chimeras in hopes of validation while the real players, behind the scenes, in Stygian darkness, where they can't be seen, in hypogean safety under the floorboards of our nation's houses, they defile our trust, defy our laws and deny the truth of their malfeasance.

Cable News, all Cable News operates NOT on supply and demand for a profit, but "Says Law" which determines that supply creates it's own demand. Demand for what? More lies. More and more and more and more... The "Russian Collusion" monomania was created, ex nihilo, out of whole cloth. The subsequent Russian Collusion narrative collapse is now replaced with Nadler/Schiff/Pelosi demanding more investigations. This is not what you think. This is not a Democrat V. Republican fight over facts, time lines, testimony and legalities. It is a Byzantine cover, for the Deep Sate's malodorous machinations since 2012.

The Deep State Dog has wagged out collective tails for long enough.

Even as I type, the forces of darkness manipulate us all, Democrat, Republican and Independent with legerdemain and misdirection at an ever more frenetic pace. Why? The folks in the Puzzle Palace bet the farm on Hillary.

Since 2010, during the Obama Administration, the FBI, FBI "Contractors", the CIA, the NSA etc. etc. have abused, misused and unlawfully surveilled opposition politicians, political campaigns and Americans through the abuse of FISA-702. This was done, literally tens of thousands of times and involved premeditated criminal intent and premeditated treason and sedition.

The newest "Shiny" thing (Impeachment) is no more, than the rear guard action of a terrified cabal of soon to be exposed bureaucrats who hope to distract ALL Americans from the most sensational, terrifying scandal/threat to the Republic since it's inception. The "Shiny" new Impeachment pathogen injected into the bloodstream of the 4th Estate for public consumption, is no different than the Mueller Investigation. The media must be deceived and convinced to continue to dwell on Trump and proclaim the "Mark Of Cain" lies that have kept Deep State actors hidden from view to this point. The Deep State Criminals and their toady's must keep/redact as much information as possible while distracting the populace from the truth.

An "Event Horizon" is at hand. While we are all distracted, the Deep State would steal a march on the truth, on every American and on the Republic itself.

Cast away, for just a little while, your allegiance to ANY political party and prepare for the truth.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Nicely done Chuck. Really great take about what's going on behind the scenes.

Byron Funkhouser said...

Nonsense, there is no Deep State.

Trump should be impeached because he attempted to collude with Russia. There were over a hundred contacts between Trump cronies & Russian mobsters. He tried ten times to obstruct justice. He is still trying to obstruct any investigation into his criminal empire. He should get a pass on of this activity because he was too incompetent to pull it off? No, clearly he's a criminal. He should be in jail, not the White House.

Don't you read his tweets? He's obsessed with crazy conspiracy theories (like Chuck) He's lost his mind. He's an idiot: The noise from windmills does not cause cancer. Global warming is not a Chinese hoax. He does not understand drones better than anyone. The list of his absurdities is nearly endless.

When his cronies talked to certain of these Russian mobsters the FBI was listening in, not because they were spying on Trump & his cronies, but because monitoring the actions of known Russian mobsters is their job.

There is no Deep State.

Anonymous said...

Byron the Idiot @ 9:24
There is no collusion with Trump and Russia only in your sick little mind Byron!

But you sure can look at the corruption between Obama, Hillary and Russia it's called uranium one.

Nice Try! Better Luck next time! No deep State???? Didn't I see you get on the plane to Guyana with Jim Jones?

Anonymous said...

Time to investigate the investigators. Next up, operation boomerang.

Anonymous said...

Though primarily known as a genocidal statesman, Winston Churchill was a capable futurist and inventor who predicted Nazi Germany synthetic biology,  and lab grown meat . He said that "we shall escape the absurdity of growing a whole chicken in order to eat the breast or wing by growing these parts separately" It used to be said, 'Though you have taught the dog more tricks, you cannot alter the breed of the dog.' They will not be made, but grown under glass. There seems little doubt that it will be possible to carry out in artificial surroundings the entire cycle which now leads to the birth of a child.

Churchill war record predicted psychological interference with the mental development of children in their earlier years for the production of creature.

For instance, which have admirable physical development, with their mental endowment stunted in particular directions, within the range of human power.

A being might be produced capable of tending a machine but without other ambitions. Our minds recoil from such fearful eventualities, and the all their produce a race adapted to mechanical tasks and with no other ideas but to obey the State?

The present nature of man is tough and resilient. It casts up its sparks of genius in the darkest and most unexpected places. But Robots could be made to fit the grisly theories

Anonymous said...

"crazy conspiracy theories", like Russian collusion? Trump does say some dumb shit. But you have to move on from Russian collusion! How about field a candidate with ideas to help Americans succeed.

Anonymous said...

bLIEron has first hand knowledge of the hundreds of contracts and collusion with Russia! Hahahahaha!

Jesus Christ man, you are one sick mutha fucka!

Chuck M. Lowe said...

Tony gets around 25,000 unique hits on his blog


Like Byron, you may deny the gas light bullshit from the Progressive/Fascist/Democrat party---

Who cares?

This is so sick---- so anti American-----so Stalinist----- So "Cultural Revolutionist" --- so fukkkkked up!!

This is NOT a diatribe against a political position---- it is the coming truth of an out of control, Stalinist, Statist Government that wants control of our thought, words and deeds.

Hey Byron!! I always, ALWAYS want to hear what you have to say.

I ALWAYS respect your opinions no matter how fucked up, that i think they are!!


The political, Event Horizon is coming, thanks to blogs like TKC, thanks to what is left of FREE SPEECH!

God Bless You Tony, I fuckin luv you so fuckin much!!

Anonymous said...

Here's my thought: double your meds.

Chuck M. Lowe said...

"THANKFULLY . . . The inquiring minds who read TKC actually have a nuanced understanding of issues above and beyond the comprehension of Kansas City's worst blogger"

Total fuckin bullshit-

TKC is the ONLY truth in this city.

Sorry, it is, what it is...

Chuck M. Lowe said...

God Bless You Byron.

Your voice counts.

I listen, I hope and we all dream of a perfect world.

God Bless You!


Anonymous said...

Byron the Socialist Nazi is only person around here who needs to be in jail.

Petersucker Byron saying someone else is clearly a criminal is priceless. We all know the scams of Byron against the government.

Sheep shagger Byron screams, "Don't you read his tweets?" Yes as a matter of fact I do Byron and many times a day he makes sense while all you post is hate and delusional anti-american thoughts.

Anonymous said...

It's been said for a long time, that the HillyBilly Crime Cartel deep-sixed (some ruled Arkycided) a bigly number of their adversaries via deep state service. Naw. Just some rumoring from that evil "vast right-wing conspiracy", huh?

Garnish said...

This "alternative" is the only REAL perspective I've seen from any media in KC. It's all about puppy dogs, beer and BBQ - That stuff is nice but sometimes a dose of reality is what KC really needs. Thanks for this one Chuck!

Stop being Sly said...

Chuck brings the readers of this blog word from the cutting edge. Love him or hate him but don't EVER deny that he made you think! Remember when newspapers used to do that?

This post exposes media lies about it all and that's more than we're getting from any of the talking heads on TV or the Internet. Yeah!

Anonymous said...

Good job Chuck. Most are not ready for the truth.

Anonymous said...

Damn good stuff, Chuck!

Media spin is so disgusting and it's coming from both sides AND on the Internet. Everybody has their game to play but it's good to know that it's obvious to a lot of people who care about facts and not feelings or influence peddling.

Anonymous said...

When Byron sees things he disagrees with which is everything ever posted around here, I'm betting that he likes to sit and think himself as a genius and the rest of as a bunch of idiots.

The actual truth of the matter is we are the geniuses and he is the idiot.

Anonymous said...


Here's what you got correct:
"We have been lied to. All of us."
"This is not a Democrat V. Republican fight.."
"..the forces of darkness manipulate us all, Democrat, Republican and Independent.."

And here's where you're incorrect:
Despite the above statements which led me to believe you were onto the truth, you continue making it a partisan political fight with your comments concerning Hillary, Obama, etc.

FYI, here is a very brief synopsis:
At least since the early 1960's, significant factions within the federal government have been corrupted by what is now commonly referred to as "the deep state." Examples would be the assassinations of JFK, RFK, MLK Jr.

Both the Bush and Clinton political families are/were criminal enterprises. Bill Clinton was actually brought into the inner circle by George HW Bush, when Arkansas Gov. Clinton facilitated the cocaine for guns smuggling pipeline directed by the CIA to support the Contra rebels in Nicaragua.

George W Bush did not actually win the 2000 election. The reason it went to the Supreme Court was because the pre-planned 9/11 attacks depended upon a Bush Presidency. Al Gore was bought off with money, awards, and corporate board seats. VP Cheney was holding secret "energy taskforce meetings" with Big Oil representatives in February 2001 to divide up the Iraqi oil fields.

The government's official 9/11 narrative is a myth.
The government's official Osama bin Laden narrative is a myth.
The government's official Barack Obama narrative is a myth.

Finally, to the present. Donald Trump's ascendancy to the Oval Office was not a mistake, but a pre-planned event. Do you honestly believe that a billionaire real-estate developer would go on a reality television series? Trump owes his Presidency to a cooperative media that constantly keeps him in the spotlight, while playing counter foil to his penchant for absurd theatrics. The 2020 Democratic Party nominee will be a captured pawn of the Deep State, just as Trump is, and just as corporate media is, so no matter what transpires they maintain power.

If you're an American who can still read and research, you will discover what I've told you is the truth. Good luck on your journey.

Chuck M. Lowe said...

Byron's voice is essential, important!!

Every voice, every opinion, counts.

I am just some bullshit electrician who thinks whatever I think on a day to day basis.

is a diminishing voice, a target, for the powers that seek a 1966 Cultural Revolution American style.

One more time---- the powers -- Nationally and locally - want Tony DEAD.

That voice in the wilderness, that objection, that refusal to conform is dangerous.

Super Dave said...

Good points Chuck, I like hat you said.

Chuck M. Lowe said...

Thanks Dave!

I LOVE hearing what Byron has to say!

I want to hear everything!!!

God Bless America and God Bless Kate Smith.

Fuck you Byron!!!


Anonymous said...

You hear about that pizza place that is a democratic child smuggling ring? You should go check that out.

Chuck M. Lowe said...

One more time, in my opinion, everybody's opinion should be heard.

I wanna hear Louis Farrakhan scream about killing me because I am white!

Totally cool!!

I wanna hear about ISIS attempts to kill all Christians in the US!!! Totally cool!!!

God Bless What Is Left Of America. Free Speech and Free thoughts.

God Bless America, God Bless Kate Smith and Goddamn the ex post facto crimes committed that we are all (Whitey) convicted of in a media, Star Chamber trial that makes no sense in an objective reality world----but still is fodder for fucks like Al Sharpton - Jussie Smollete and scum bag fucks, that permeate the 4th estate/

Anonymous said...


Tony thinks you're nuttier than a fucking truckload of fruitcakes. He'll tell anybody who listens that's the case.

Your worship is a teensy bit misguided.

Sorry dude.

Anonymous said...

Chuck and his Thesaurus,
sittin' in a tree,

Anonymous said...

Bryon Funkhouser, of all people, should know that Clarksburg, West Virginia is the birthing ground of the vast majority of the deep state conspiracy theories, lies, cover-ups, denials, and misdirections.

Bryon claims there is no such thing as the deep state and I completely disagree. The deep state is alive and well and around everybody every day. NSA was caught with all of the surveillance data on millions of U.S. citizens and had to explain/spin their way out of that incident.

As a previous post stated about some people being ‘deep sixed’ there are many other incidents that totally defy critical investigation.

Look at the facts of Rolling Stone journalist Michael Hastings who died in a suspicious car wreck very shortly after publishing “Why Democrats Love to Spy On Americans”. He was very critical of certain people who did not like it.

The events surrounding the death of Justice Scalia do not add up. Seems odd the body was cremated before it was cold. Look into this and ask yourself if the happenings of this incident parallels what normally happens when someone dies.

Chuck is definitely spot on as he understands what is happening.

Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer.

Anonymous said...

bLIEron in an angry retard and hates America and white people, he has totally wasted his life demanding we the taxpayers pay his way and then gets mad at them for having good paying jobs, what’s it called bLIEron? Bi-polar disease, please take your meds daily like you’ve been instructed to do.

Anonymous said...

GOP and Dems are ALL crooks at some level.

Trump doesn't appear to be a political crook...really doesn't have enough friends or political agility to be one. He IS a crook in business....his deals, unpaid contractors and bankruptcy prove it.

The Media is worse than all of them. They MAKE SHIT UP to bring eyeballs and clicks. This applys to CNN, FOX. MSNBC, WSJ, NYT, WAPO ALL OF THEM.

All of these realities will continue until a BAD BEZOS OR MUSK OR GOOGLE type deploys the drones and robots. THEN it will be sorted out.

Anonymous said...

Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean someone isn't trying to kill you.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

There is a deep state cause chuckie cheese thinks so? Bitch please. Sometimes an incompetent, criminal, and moronic President is just an incompetent, criminal, and moronic President. Fashioning "deep state" theories to try to make excuses for it is a sign you're losing touch with reality. Keep making all the excuses you want for an unqualified oaf & congenital liar who surrounds himself with morons and sycophants. The rest of us who live in the real world, recognize the problem and the solution.

https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2019/04/23/the-obama-use-of-fisa-702-as-a-domestic-political-surveillance-program/ said...

7:31 Here, put aside your bias--read this please-


Anonymous said...

7:31 why haven’t you left for your safe place at umkc yet! Hahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

7:35 Good information. Holy smokes.

Tracy Thomas said...

Thank you, Chuck.
I especially like your observations about the cable networks.
It's time to investigate the investigators.
Trump did say something very prescient: Nobody else elected or in business could endure the news barrage that he has, and survive.

Anonymous said...

Oh Chuck, you do make speeches.

chuck said...

Thanks Tracy, no doubt, I am passionate about Free Speech, but, it is the existential freedom, that makes America, America.

God Bless You, God Bless Byron, God Bless, especially TKC, the LAST local teller of the truth in our "dirty little town".

It is, what it is...

Anonymous said...

^^^^Ecept it’s not. There’s no free speech on TKC! Tony regularly deletes comments he doesn’t like. He does it every day! Get a clue dope. TKC is as fake as the rest of the media.

Anonymous said...

7:35 Scary stuff.

Anonymous said...

8:31 No doubt, TKC deletes the videos you post of you fuckin your mom.

That's okay.

Anonymous said...

Tracy at 8:16
"Nobody else elected or in business could endure the news barrage that he has, and survive."
So, this has been a unique situation, never seen before?

Please do not overlook the possibility that the corporate media are playing a scripted role, and everyone who still trusts them are being deceived.

If no one else could endure the news barrage that he has, then how has he survived it? This game ensures that Trump's base sticks with him. It's the basis of the "Fake News" strategy.

Tracy, I consider you to be one of the brightest minds who reads and comments here, so I'm not attacking you, but rather encouraging you to think from the opposition's viewpoint. Left vs. Right is primarily a game of distraction for the simple-minded.

Tracy Thomas said...

Thanks, 9:29. And for not calling me simple-minded!
I'm relating to the psychological insults to the body of constant bullying.
I've taken alot of hits here on TKC from anonymous trolls.
And even tho I am different from most, especially women, who have High Affiliative Needs, it does require a thick skin.

I've chosen to sign my name and own my words.
Most here do not, for fear of losing their careers or being bullied personally.

Donald Trump is a megalomaniacal narcissist.
A defense mechanism he developed in childhood, in response to his disapproving father. Who he nevertheless needed, to STAKE HIM FINANCIALLY.

So he has the thickest skin in one sense of any US President to date.
And his coping mechanism is Twitter, clearly!

So I take your point, very well made, that he, too, might be just a pawn in the machine. Not yet aware of it.
Still, think about that.
The author of Biology of Belief, Bruce Lipton writes about how our thoughts change our body chemistry.
My point is...what does massive shaming do to someone?
I notice you do not have the courage to even sign your name.
Yet you have good observations to share.

Public service and public office is the meanest, toughest game in the world.

Anonymous said...

11:02 PM comment



“The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work... when you go to church... when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.
Neo: What truth?
Morpheus: That you are a slave, Neo. Like everyone else you were born into bondage. Into a prison that you cannot taste or see or touch. A prison for your mind.”

― Morpheus The Matrix

Anonymous said...

Tracy, thanks for the response.
You have a superior intellect than most who comment here, so I was merely appealing to your logical thinking abilities.
I won't disagree with your characterization of President Trump, however, I am confident he is not only aware of being a pawn, but sought out the role.

"So I take your point, very well made, that he, too, might be just a pawn in the machine. Not yet aware of it."

Trump's philosophy is "you only have one life, so you might as well take risks and aim for the top spot."

Do you know who "The Apprentice" is? It's his daughter Ivanka! Part of the arrangement agreed to before Trump took on his current role, was that Ivanka would be elevated to continue the political dynasty. Much like the Bush and Clinton families.

When businessman Trump was bankrupt, do you know who rescued him? You can forever be in someone's debt if they save you from returning to the working-class masses.

Always enjoy your comments Tracy.
And sorry, I work to maintain my privacy, but you can recognize my writing, so I don't need to sign my name.

Anonymous said...

No comprehension,

just scream and holler,

KCPS doofus skolar!

Anonymous said...

^^^ 12:29 comment
Giving us a self-description