Wednesday, April 10, 2019


Answers are rigged, bad reviews are thrown out and hype is highlighted . . . It's not a viable gauge of real life in this town (like the murder count) it's worse than propaganda . . . It's hype. Here's local news helping the effort:

How KCMO uses results from annual citizen survey

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - If you live in Kansas City, Missouri, you might receive a survey in the mail. It's your chance to let the city know how it's handling basic services such as trash collection, sidewalk maintenance and snow removal.


Anonymous said...

Fraud Government= Fraud City

Anonymous said...

Yea right Tony, it's fake if it disagrees with your narrative. Please.

Anonymous said...

Fill out the survey anyway I did. Let the city know that it's a failing city and mail it back because it's at their expense. When I get anything from the city I always mail it back even an empty envelope. It's the lest I can do to cost the city money. Money they stole from us for running a dysfunctional city and making our quality of life bad and that includes lowering our property values and pushing things trough that should be voted on.

Anonymous said...

"The data impacts decisions made in City Hall, Hernandez said. The results were one impetus for the GO Bond program in 2017.

"That was people telling us through the survey, 'we really want you to do a better job of fixing the sidewalks. We want you to do more with the streets,'" Hernandez said."

If this person's statements are correct then the GO Bond money should be spent on these items instead of being used elsewhere. Basically the Go Bond money is Gone Bond money.

Anonymous said...

The also have the "residential water line insurance" kickback funds to play with.

Anonymous said...


Got that right!

For years, KCMO residents rated their KCI airport experience satisfaction at or among the very top of city services.

On these surveys the city lists about 12-15 services which the city provides, and asks residents to rank their satisfaction level. Residents consistently have ranked the airport experience as being in the top 3.

So what does City Hall do with that information? IGNORE IT AND DO THE OPPOSITE!

Whereas Mayor Funkhouser put the priority back on basic city infrastructure services, as soon as Sylvester took office he began a policy of basic infrastructure neglect. This, despite public admitting that shortly after becoming Mayor he realized the basic infrastructure backlog was worse than he realized!

Sylvester began traveling around the country visiting other cities (at taxpayers expense) trying to raise his national profile, and came home to begin a "keeping up with the Joneses" program of attention-getting projects like the ToyTrain, convention center hotel, and new airport terminal. His focus has been on impressing non-resident outsiders, while ignoring his KC constituents.

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Yes 10:06 we like how you show us what an idiot you are.

9:01 FTW

Retro ROCKER said...

9:01 YOU are on the money.

Anonymous said...

Three years running citizens demand better roads. Three years later, look what we get. Almost nothing. Streets are a clusterfuck and getting worse. Cuckold idiots running KCMO City Hall.