Wednesday, April 03, 2019


Just as our TKC Blog Community predicated, voters mostly stayed away from Kansas City election politics.

Even among the official numbers from the KCEB, the latest election resulted in around a 30 PERCENT DROP from the so-called "Blue Wave" vote. Remember that in Nov. 2018 a nationwide Democratic Party full court press resulted in 50% local turnout.

Last night's official turnout numbers . . .

Kansas City Election Board: 19.05%
Platte County: 16.04%
Clay County: 13.34%
16.1% Average

However . . .


Putting all of the data together, pollsters reveal they haven't seen the public so disinterested in Mayoral politics since the Cleaver Vs. Cofran contest of 1995.

Even a walk on local streets revealed that very few people knew or cared about the vote despite nearly blanket local MSM coverage.

Moreover, the trend is clear . . . With no Mueller report and the public growing more distrustful of election hype . . . Voters are turning away from their local polling stations.

And so we offer more than a few election leftovers that deserve a peek for most of our neighbors who were more likely to spend last night playing video games than exercising their right to vote.

Life Lesson: Taxes Are Too High

Voters turn down mayor's early childhood education sales tax

Kansas City voters rejected a pre-kindergarten education plan that would have been funded by a new 3/8-cent sales tax. The margin was almost two to one. The plan was heavily promoted by Mayor Sly James, who admitted he was frustrated with the outcome.

Low Rent Democracy Will Power Big Bucks In Upcoming Contracts

Results of KC and Lee's Summit school board elections | The Kansas City Star

These are the 10 candidates who sought sub-district Kansas City school board seats (from left, starting with top row). Sub-district 1: Rita Marie Cortes and Matthew Steven Oates. Sub-district 2: Nathaniel (Nate) Hogan. Sub-district 3: Manuel (Manny) R. Abarca IV. Sub-district 4: Clinton Adams, Marvia Jones, Ibrahim Ramsey and DeMonte Rochester.

Suburban Upset

Blue Springs voters turn out council incumbent

Galen Ericson on Tuesday was elected to the Blue Springs City Council, beating incumbent Dale Carter and Scott Casey in District 1. Incumbents Chris Lievsay and Susan Culpepper will join him, returning to their seats, Culpepper having run unopposed.The race for the District 1 seat was the most highly contested, with Ericsson earning 627 votes, 41.55 percent of the total turnout, with Carter at 34.99 percent, or 528 votes.

Golden Ghetto Against Pet Reprieve

OP council votes down pet day care over noise concerns

The Overland Park City Council on Monday denied a permit to a proposed pet day care that had neighbors expressing concerns.

STL Aftermath Resonates

Michael Brown's mother defeated in Ferguson council race

FERGUSON, MO (AP) - Michael Brown's mother has been defeated in her bid for a seat on the City Council in Ferguson, Missouri, where her son died in a police shooting that helped give rise to the national Black Lives Matter movement. Lesley McSpadden lost Tuesday in a three-way race in Ferguson's 3rd Ward.

Doggie Democracy On Outskirts

Liberty Won't Ban Pit Bulls Any Longer, And Parkville's Parks To See More Taxpayer Money

Northland voters repealed a pit bull ban and agreed to one of two sales tax increase in Tuesday's municipal elections. Here's a breakdown of what passed and what didn't. Clay County Liberty is now the 24th city in Missouri to repeal its pit bull ban, a topic that's proved controversial across the country.

End Game

Justus, Lucas advance in Kansas City's mayoral race on June 18

FAIRWAY, KS (KCTV) -- From 11 candidates, to now just two -- Kansas City voted and now has its candidates for mayor. Councilwoman Jolie Justus, 48, and Councilman Quinton Lucas, 34, have secured the top spots to vie for the city's top office. Mayor Sly James was term-limited and will leave the city's top post in July.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

This isn't such horrible news. The fewer voters mean that the more people who bother to show up have even more power. Democracy works.

Anonymous said...

Really sad to see the Northland Clay County opting out of this vote. That's going to hurt them in the long run. They need to be more involved.

Tracy Thomas said...

I predict Quinton Lucas will be elected Mayor in 77 days.
Jolie is the samo-samo candidate--calling the disastrous current situation "momentum". Well, yeah if you want to label going over the cliff as "momentum". Endorsed by Sly James, her evil twin clown. What's next? She starts wearing a bow tie?? She only garnered 23%.

Do the math. 77% voted "NOT Jolie." aka "Anyone BUT Jolie". Clearly and loudly calling for doing thing differently. All those voters are not likely to suddenly support Jolie. They will coalesce behind Quinton Lucas.

City of Queers said...

Well isn't that special

Anonymous said...

Who in their right mind would vote for Michael Brown's mother after she showed how stupid she was during the Ferguson riots?

Censored Taxpayer said...

Yes, it is always happy hour when Leftists get exposed and suffer Offendeditis.

Stay-Puft Marshmallow Lesbian said...

Come on to the office and have drink

Anonymous said...

So either Justus or Lucas gets to be mayor after the next election. Do you really think things in KC will change?

Anonymous said...

Did you see Jloie's wife on TV last night? She didn't look happy. As opposed to Quinton's mom. who was proud and over-joyed.

Mrs. Justus or whatever her name is, was acknowledged but not introduced. She appeared embarrassed to be out in public. And looked like that pained photo of Sharice Davids. The infamous "swear me in on an I-pad rather than a Bible, Nancy" photo.

Sharice's brother was wearing a white popcorn knit sweater with the buttons on the woman's side. Perhaps borrowed from Sharice's Mom. Then Sharice with her left hand up ala swearing in, but her right palm was not on a Bible. Since she is not a Christian and does not believe in the Bible. So her hand was on an I-pad also being held by Nancy Pelosi. Then Sharice's always secret and unidentified partner.

Anonymous said...

This is election is the Racist, Homophobic, Misogynistic TKC posters worst nightmare.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good time and an equal opportunity to offend all!

Anonymous said...

I'm a little surprised that voter participation even reached 6%. There's zero reason to vote when you're aware that the candidates have total disregard - if not utter disdain - for voters.

KC will continue to go down the tubes no matter who wins. More crime . . and more posturing about fighting crime. More development . . . and more do-noting lectures about affordable housing. More millions to the jazz district, more billions to the airport and street car, more MLK signs . . . and fewer resources for basics such as pothole repair.

The clowns in city government failed to learn the Pendergast rule . . . you acutally have to give the citizens something every once in a while.

Anonymous said...

Oh great. A homosexual liberal is looking to become the next mayor of Kansas City. Another city council hack.

This is the biggest most confusing choice for progressives. Which side does your shit identity politics vote for? A black man, or a lesbian? But...Jolie Justus isn’t a person of color, and so even though gay she still has white privilege!

Elect quinton Lucas so we can throw more tax dollars down the toilet, and allow rampant violence in kcmo. If quinton is elected crime will just get worse in kc.

Anonymous said...

8:19: I'm not in favor of Jolie, either, but what does your rant about Kansas Rep. Sharice David's swearing in have to do with the KC mayoral race?

It sounds strangely familiar to one Tracy voiced when we were actually discussing Sharice last year.

Anonymous said...

jolie was just on Fox 4, telling Alford that her priority is education, and since the pre-K tax failed, her solution is to be a "thought leader".

And I looked at the thought bubble above Alford's head and it was just "???"

Next priority, behind education, is her solution to crime. which is to "bring her 8 years of Senate experience in Jeff City and apply it here."

Like a poultice? Or maybe like those tanks the state sent to Ferguson to quell "Hands up, don't shoot" riots in Ferguson when Jolie was KC's rep in Jeff City??

She's wearing her signature faux Barbara Bush pop bead pearls. And a black tent to cover her white, summergarden party frock.with 50's red and black flowers. Because her red tent is at the cleaners. (Where she's taking the taxpayers.)

Yeah, because nothing puts the Chamber suits and the 1Million Cups entrepreneurs at ease more than waddling in all perky like Aunt Bea from 1950's Mayberry.

KCMO refugee in Shawnee said...

Hey, 9:07--you forgot to mention, Jolie's final fantasy answer this am on Fox4. Her statement that the airport is not going to cost taxpayers anything, that the airlines are paying for it.

Apparently she has been too busy campaigning on those two streets at the north and south borders that she keeps mentioning--to read the fine print about 'just paying for nine years'.

Meanwhile, Chris Hernandez is polishing his resume...76 days before he's out on the pitted pot-holed streets looking for a new job.

Anonymous said...

There is a God.

Anonymous said...

Yep. It's Lent, and there is a God.


In the golden ghetto, apparently now just a Great Spirit.

But, more FUBAR than funny. said...

8:58, seems 8:19 is pointing to some clowns and puppets of politics. Pelosi pulls Sharice's strings, and James has Jolie jumping through his hoops.

Anonymous said...

Ahh the sexy, sensuous and always mysteriously alluring Tracy has returned. Welcome back Tracy we missed your always intelligent and insightful comments.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^YOu idiot did you notice she waited till after the election to say anything? Then she pops right back up like she is in the loop on things. Tracy, spare me with your fake "I know shit" that rolls out of your piehole and just keep to shoving stuff in it instead. Super Dave a long time ago passed you right up with sensible words and thoughts from the Johnson County side of things.

Anonymous said...

12:29--how many campaigns have you run, dude?
Tracy has worked on 50 of them.
Including defeating BiStateII and BigSoccer, handily--
she worked for free and was outspent 112 to 1.

I don't see you protesting any of the chamber members who live in Johnson County, trying to buy this mayoral race, so they can keep funneling money to their businesses.

SuperDave also makes some good comments.
You? You're just a jealous coward anonymous nobody.
Not even informed enough to comment on the actual topic--which IS the whole point of tkc's great blog.
Do you have any analysis to contribute?

Anonymous said...

Rational and logical minded white people must have not left the house to vote.

Congrats to the ghetto and the gay community for not being quite that fucking lazy on voting day.

Anonymous said...

Stupid dave has never in his pathetic life, EVAR made a good comment. There, fixed it for you.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^Yes he has, now shut up and go ask Jolie to make you a sandwich.

Anonymous said...

I hope Jolie proves me wrong. Don't expect it though.

Parroting Sly after the airport debacle is just not confidence building

Anonymous said...

There was almost no one I could vote for in good conscience in the primary. There is no one I can vote for in the general. Justus will be Sly James 2.0 and Lucas will pander to his grievance group and ignore everyone else. No wonder election turnout is low.

Anonymous said...

8:30, FTW!!!