Wednesday, April 03, 2019


Here's the word about the next phase of the campaign according to Councilman Quinton Lucas.


We've highlighted the most important aspect of his statement that attempts to differentiate himself from the opposition. Checkit:

Mayoral Candidate Quinton Lucas Advances to General Election

Kansas City, MO – Councilman Quinton Lucas has advanced through the Mayoral primary election on April 2nd, 2019 and will now enter the general election. He has promised to provide a new leadership style, and to promote economic prosperity across all of the city’s neighborhoods.

“I’m honored and I am humbled to receive support from so many people across the city. I think the voters showed that they are ready for a new direction, for new leadership and new energy at City Hall,” said Lucas. “I look forward to continuing to bring together people from all parts of the city and making sure our progress is shared, because momentum is worth nothing if it benefits a few.”

Quinton Lucas begins this stage of the campaign despite being outspent by double by the other remaining candidate, Councilwoman Jolie Justus. Lucas campaign’s have become known for smart spending, sharp communications, and a strong field game to reach voters.

On more City Council Committees than any other person, Lucas led the fight on tax incentive reform, affordable housing, and transparency in spending.

No stranger to struggle, Lucas was raised by a single mother on Kansas City’s Eastside, experiencing homelessness as a child before going on to an Ivy League law school and teaching law at the University of Kansas. Councilman Lucas was elected citywide in 2015 and has since been a leading voice on the Council, working with local businesses to drive private investment and job growth in our city, while also leading efforts to secure quality housing opportunities in all Kansas City neighborhoods.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

money wins this one. It got them there.

Anonymous said...

Quiton Lucas claiming to be transparent is like Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if money got lucas out of the DUI?

Anonymous said...

^^^^ I think he's still got the case ahead of him.

Anonymous said...

In the world of identity politics, certainly as amateurishly practiced locally, being black won one primary election slot, and being a gay woman on the other.
Meanwhile, the experience and track records of more capable candidates were left on the cutting room floor.
But after the general election, residents and small businesses of KCMO are going to find out, once again, how well their local government even tries to meet their needs when its "leadership" is based on identity and not competence.
And we all know the answer.
It never changes.

Anonymous said...

The Machine won, Pendergast 2.0. Too bad we can't have a third candidate, perhaps a write in.

Pork in the troughs for the usual swells, eat up.

Anonymous said...

He’s gonna pull the race card next, you’ll see

Anonymous said...

^^^He already pulled the race card. That's what he means by"smart campaign." But no doubt he's got more where that one came from.

Anonymous said...

(cue violin music)

(Narrator begins monologue)....Once upon a time, I was born a poor black child...

"No stranger to struggle, Lucas was raised by a single mother on Kansas City’s Eastside, experiencing homelessness as a child ..."

Quinton Lucas believes that he deserves BONUS POINTS for:
1) his race
2) his mother's poor choice in companions
3) his childhood economic struggle

In this world, he/she who can spin the biggest tale of woe is the winner. This is the world of PERMANENT VICTIMHOOD where the individual is not ashamed of their mistakes, shortcomings, and minority status, but rather seek to exploit them for personal advancement.

You just saw it:
1) in Chicago where "the first black homosexual female" was elected Mayor.
2) in Kansas, Sharice Davids parlayed her status as "Native American homosexual female born to a single-mother" to get into Congress.
3) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez became an instant celebrity because she once worked as a part-time waitress despite earning a degree cum laude from Boston University.

Unfortunately for KCMO, both Lucas and Justus (1st OPENLY GAY yada yada whatever) are full participants in the "I'M A VICTIM OF SOCIETY" mania which is reaching it's zenith.

Anonymous said...

You are correct, it never changes; how many people do you know that voted because this name or that name sounded better than another one; how many vote because this one or that one is cute, handsome, gay, black, rich; it never changes; and DONT say that experience got these 2 candidates to the finish line; they may have experience but it really hasn't done them much good, especially Justus; both of them will tell you what they think you want to hear and do nothing to improve this City, they just want to have an airport or boulevard named after them for their legacy, to hell with anything else. More bad days ahead for KC for another 4 years. Seriously, as soon as this house sells I am out of this City, 10 years from now it will be unlivable.

Anonymous said...

Looks like citizens can and should expect a continuation of being treated and disrespected like disposable pieces of shit by a Sly Justus regime.

They will pick the gold fillings out of teeth if they can get away with it.

Anonymous said...

Lucas was probably drunk when he tried to thank everyone. He needs to leave the licker alone.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather have a winner who's a mayor, not a victim

Anonymous said...

The word "smart" is as overused and meaningless as the word "conversation".

Anonymous said...

Two sides of a very thin pink dime. More debt for the working more freebies for the poor and corporations.

Anonymous said...

Sad Kansas City is not going to get any better. But I will say, when you get fed up, and if you're a liberal and want to move don't you dare move to the burbs stay the hell out, we have already had liberals from Hyde Park move here and we don't want you or them. You made your bed lay in it!

Anonymous said...

2:54 calls it exactly like it is. Truly unbelievable that Kansas Citians (the few that voted) chose the two that they did. Yikes.

Jodi Arias Inmate #281129 said...

Good luck to all you folks in Killer City!


Anonymous said...

They are both lawyers. Bad news!