A glimpse at how the media game of the remaining silly season will play out. Checkit:

Joint Statement from the Lucas and Justus Campaigns

With so much interest in the June 18th, 2019 election, the campaigns of Jolie Justus and Quinton Lucas have agreed to set parameters around the number of forums in which they will participate. The agreement was reached in order to ensure that the public has full access to both candidates for Mayor and that each forum provides voters with an opportunity to ask about the issues facing Kansas City.

To date, the campaigns have received notice from over 22 organizations hoping to host a forum or debate, and that number continues to climb. On the heels of 28 forums before the primary election, both candidates would like to express their gratitude to the diverse groups that are interested in hosting ther, as it shows the widespread dedication to the future of Kansas City.

In order to accommodate these requests, the following guidelines have been agreed upon by both campaigns:

All forums must be free and open to the public, and cannot limit admission

All forums will be live streamed via Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube and must be available for replay after their conclusion All forums will be sponsored by a major local media outlet

The Kansas City Star will host one forum in each of the six City Council Districts, and will help organize groups who wish to co-sponsor these forums to ensure a diversity of questions, topics, and representation Six other forums will take place throughout the city, and will each be hosted by a different major media organization; these media organizations may also work with co-sponsors. The final list of media hosts and their contact information will be released by the campaigns by April 10th; the timeline to accept co-hosts will be decided by the respective media organization

These guidelines ensure the accessibility of candidates to a diverse group of voters.

Both candidates appreciate the interest from all groups requesting to host a forum and encourage them to coordinate with the media hosts of the other forums to guarantee this opportunity.

Developing . . .


  1. The forums will be be Jolie's to lose. She wins.

  2. These debates will be like watching the last episode of Seinfeld over and over again; no surprises and a lot of disappointment.

  3. KCMO version of a two headed monster

  4. Both are too busy playing "new cool kid on the block" and "gay and lesbian rubber stamper" to actually address the problems that are hurting our citizens. They won't do any debates without prescreening the questions. Neither will be tough enough to answer the hard questions.

  5. More forums that will be a waste of time for all. You can apply Chanel #5 on a pig, but in the end, it is still a stinking pig.

  6. The basic ground rules will be:
    Don't even mention your or the other candidate's record over the last four or more years.
    Don't question or call attention to any blatant outright lies told or empty promises made.
    Be sure to emphasize "basic services" even though you've completely ignored them for years.
    Make mention and pander to every little special interest group or fake ineffective and unaccountable nonprofit and thank them for doing such a great job.
    Ask why so many residents have suggested that the campaign theme song should be The Whos' "We Won't Get Fooled Again".
    Be sure to have a decent spread of food and beverages since that's really the only reason that residents might come.
    In other words, the same old thing.
    It never changes.

  7. And the Circus Came to Town4/7/19, 2:35 PM

    Jolie and Quinton coming to the audience as “Mommy and Daddy”. A nice gag if there ever was one.

  8. The psychological desperation is obvious. Apparently, there are moments in history when flying up your own butt-hole is the most comforting available option.

  9. The panderfest will be sort of fun to watch. Both will promise to trade taxpayer money for votes, while everybody in the room understands that the real beneficiaries of their largess will be developers and racial/LGBTQWERTY grievance groups.

  10. Both are going to tell you what you want to hear. BUT what did they do before this? That's right nothing.

  11. Betcha a hundred bucks they won’t talk about the out of control murder problem in this shitty, it’ll all be gopher boi style, lies about momentum and moving forward, it doesn’t matter how much shit they build if the murders keep coming and the schools keep sucking.

  12. Justus in a rout. Her brother brookside black dirt yawn restaurant brings the trendy votes home. Yeah he was in smithville and vacated. Another yawn restaurant. Only the Italians make restaurants go long term. But justus is flavor of the era.

  13. ^^^^ Good luck with that, she's not as popular outside of her bubble as people think.

  14. Why is the KC Star supporting limiting public access to the candidates? Six forums in the next 10 weeks? Wow -- wouldn't want to work them to hard! Events must be covered by the media -- why so they can play to the cameras? Can we do the primary over? These two are both unfit to lead.

  15. Don't schedule any forums north of the river; neither one of them could find their way there even if you put them on the Buck O'Neil Bridge.

    Well, maybe then . . . at least they'd have a 50/50 chance of ending up there. But it'd be purely an accident.

  16. Quinton needs to learn how to hold his licker.


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