Wednesday, April 03, 2019

The Kansas City Midday Link Pool

Bloggers lament that hottie Kimmie should be MUCH MORE POPULAR but the reality is that social media "influence" is mostly just corporate pay-for-play; denizens of the open Internet and the real world alike should never let their phones dictate their perception of reality. Checkit:

NYT: No, Your Instagram ‘Influence’ Is Not as Good as Cash, Club Owner Says

CNBC: Instagram’s new e-commerce feature is a $10 billion opportunity for Facebook, Deutsche Bank says

Forbes: Why Instagram, Home Depot And Pinterest Think Photos Are The Next Big Thing In Retail

Closer to home, we dive right into these news links . . .

Celebrate Kansas City Flower Power

After A Fire Destroyed 7,000 Of His Plants, Kansas City's Orchid Grower Comes Out Of His Cave

David Bird never gets bored with his plants. Orchids, he notes, are the largest family of blooming plants on Earth, with almost 30,000 species. He's been hooked ever since a family trip to Hawaii in 1978, when he bought five Dendrobium orchids.

Fear Sunken Sunflower State???

More Than Half Of Kansas Is At Risk For Flooding This Spring

Major flooding on stretches of the Missouri River from Nebraska and Iowa through Kansas and Missouri resulted in several breached levees and significant damage to cities, towns, and farmland in March. Forecasters at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration say the threat of even more flooding isn't over yet.

Show-Me Today's Tax Beef
Audit Finds Confusion And Uncertainty When It Comes To Missouri Income Taxes

Thief caught trying to steal truck loaded with cookie dough in KCK

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Police arrested the driver who tried to steal a truck filled with cookie dough Wednesday. Kansas City Cold Storage said the truck belongs to them, and someone broken into the truck and stole it while the driver ran inside to grab paperwork. The driver left the vehicle running.

Cowtown Needs Snow Help

KCMO and public works association work together

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - This winter's weather took a toll on streets around Kansas City, Missouri. First drivers had to find which roads were plowed; and once the snow melted, drivers had to dodge a multitude of potholes.

KC Front Porch Presser

Union Station Set To Add Soaring Sculpture To Kansas City's Downtown Skyline

Union Station is set to add a shape-shifting display the downtown skyline this summer with a huge floating sculpture described as jaw-dropping by one observer who knows a bit about art. "When you see this sculpture fly, you'll believe in magic," said Tony Jones, the president of the Kansas City Art Institute, who saw a similar work by the artist in downtown Los Angeles.

Kansas City Royals Already DEEP Discounting This Rebuilding Season

Attend every home Royals game this season for $29.99 per month

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- The Royals are offering a new deal to get fans out to Kauffman Stadium this season. The team has partnered with MLB Ballpark app to help fans attend as more home games this season at a discounted rate. For $29.99 per month, fans get a ticket to every regular season home game.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

As for the Royals....I lost interest after they dismantled the World Series champion team. It’s like taking a prize and smashing it on the ground. Back to the normal royals run by the same owners.

Anonymous said...


When Kimmie asked what I was thinking about, I told her a wedge issue was driving me crazy!!!

Anonymous said...

$29.99 for a full season of 81 games sounds like a great deal until you have to pay $29.99 every time you pull into the parking lot, then $29.99 for 2 beers.

Can't blame them for trying new promos, but no thanks. I've seen better deals.

Anonymous said...

Good, maybe the flooding will wash away this geriatric POS Governor we have in Kansas...