The Kansas City Friday Roundup

Promo for her new and newsworthy swim line, seems apropos for Friday:

Saw1st: Farrah Abraham Booty in Leopard Print Swimsuit for her Fashion Photoshoot

Closer to home, these news links are also on our mind:

Kansas City Police Pitch In

Kansas City communities taking steps to pick up trash

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As the Kansas City metro continues to thaw out after a long winter, some may have noticed trash and litter strewn throughout their communities. With many city crews focused on fixing potholes, some communities are pitching in to clean up the mess.

Kansas City Artsy Construction

Art students use steamrollers to give printmaking a modern twist

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - On Friday, Kansas City Art Institute students used an unexpected tool to leave their mark. The 20 students created large-scale artwork from a big piece of equipment. They laid a wooden plate down, covered it with a piece of white fabric and then rolled over it with a steamroller.

Tiger Comeback???

University of Missouri looks for freshman enrollment jump

A strong surge in freshman enrollment in the fall has the University of Missouri looking for space in private housing developments. The Finance Committee of the Board of Curators on Thursday approved adding prices for that leased space to room options for the fall, a move expected to be ratified when the full board meets next week.

Rock Chalk Blow Up

Live cannonball found in Kansas museum detonated by authorities

A live cannonball from the Civil War era that had been on display for 20 years at a Pleasanton museum was detonated Friday afternoon.The cannonball was donated to the Trading Post Museum. It was originally purchased in the Chesapeake Bay area.A visitor to the museum Thursday noticed a fuse in the cannonball and alerted museum officials that the ordnance might still be live.Museum officials contacted authorities.

The McTavish Agenda

8 Grab Bag Things To Do In Kansas City This Weekend

With a tip of the pop-culture cap to "Forest Gump": Life is like a grab bag. You never know what you're going to get, until you pull something out. Take this weekend, including several diverse First Friday events in the Crossroads Arts District that ... whoa, hold on.

Off-Season Hype Competition

Patrick Mahomes is ready for a throw-off with Josh Allen

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes probably has the strongest arm in the NFL. And as we saw last year during his MVP season, he is not afraid to flash it.

The Local Weekend Forecast

Increasing clouds Saturday with rain moving in toward the evening

A dry start to the weekend, but it won't last too long. Saturday and Sunday will be mild, but a few rain showers are possible.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .



    When I confessed a passion for wild foxtail, Farrah's Fawcett transitioned from a trickle to a gushing stream!!!

  2. IT IS NOT A STEAMROLLER ! It is diesel powered, no steam. Get into the 21st century.

  3. Farrah Abraham Gets More Plastic Surgery — to Tighten Her Butt and Vagina!
    Sad story for a small segment of Americans.

  4. farrah is new news to me.
    I googled.
    Y'all a bunch of sock mthr fckrs.


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