Thank You To Kansas City Metro Police

Tribute clip to police from one of our favorite local marketing groups deserves a look for the late night . . . 

Kansas City Metropolitan Crime Commission: Thank You Video

A cinematic glimpse at perspectives from police across the metro that's apropos given the busy day for local law enforcement and an insightful comment from a TKC reader anxiously waiting for her guy to come home after today's quadruple shooting.

Take a look:

You decide . . .


  1. Trozzolo did an excellent job here. They usually don't get a lot of credit among the local marketers but this short documentary is one of the best I've seen and let police speak for themselves rather than using voiceover to direct the viewer. Very well done.

    1. Thanks for posting this T.

    2. Yeah, a thank you is pretty rare. Often not required. Just hope this isn't another Summer of protest targeting police and spreading hate would be nice. The argument is really with those who continually commit crimes in the community and kill their own people. That's where the anger needs to be focused. Police aren't killing nearly as many people as we do on our own. Several member of my family are police and they'll be the first to stand up if there is wrongdoing on the part of law enforcement but most of the time it's just some damn young person with a gun and something to prove, that's where the real problem lies. Those looking for a quick way to getting respect rather than earning it over time.

  2. ^^^ +100 on that last sentence.

  3. Police get 32% of the annual budget when cities this size get 20%. How much more thanks can the city afford?

  4. I can’t even imagine what KCMO PD has to deal with. I mean my God their daily life has to be so fucked up. Then you got degenerates on here talking about matlock, diapers, and geezers while 4 people get shot in one situation and an officer rushes to it risking their life. That loser who posts his crap is the lowest form of life this city has inhabiting it.

    Props to you KCMO PD. I know it sucks, and I can’t even imagine what processing is like at Jackson county jail. Speaking of the Jackson county jail and that idiot frank white....are the rapes under control yet there? So we still employ Somalis as the staff and call it diversity? The same Somalis who take money to smuggle drugs, phones, and pretend not to hear the rapes?

    Sheriff forte where is your dumb ass on this? Take a check but dont put out results. Oh I get’s “just the way it is”. Right? You fucking suck just as bad as 3rd district politicians.

  5. Just got done reading a KSHB article about how the Leawood police department is hurting for officers. These departments are as pathetic in recruiting as the JOCO sheriffs office. If you have ever smoked weed you are a demon. To give you an idea how fucked up the JOCO sheriffs office is they “busted” a retired CIA couple for growing marijuana that was not marijuana.

    The JOCO sheriffs office searched their TRASH and thought TEA LEAVES were marijuana leaves. They went to a crooked judge and got a search warrant. They went tot he home with with assault rifles on elderly people only to find nothing.

    At least KCMO cops know the difference. JOCO police are the biggest tightwads ever. I support law enforcement but Kansas cops are way out of control.


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