Ten Million Bucks To Keep Kansas City Toy Train Streetcar Running On Time?!?!? TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!

Number crunches don't agree with the high price of momentum but only because they aren't factoring that FUN is its own reward. Read more:

Should Taxpayers Pay $10 Million To Reduce Streetcar Waiting Times?

Is reducing the time someone spends waiting on a streetcar worth a $10 million-dollar price tag? The Kansas City Streetcar Authority certainly thinks so-they just spent taxpayer money on two additional streetcars, each costing $5 million. These additional streetcars will be added to the current fleet of four that travels the two-mile loop from Union Station to the River Market.


  1. With the expansion to Berkley Riverfront and UMKC, could this purchase be saving money in the long run when the streetcar cost will be higher?

  2. Reality Speaker4/1/19, 8:45 PM

    Hell yes!!!!!!!!!!! What's a lousy 10 mil (taxpayer's money)? Chump change for this shitty to waste.

    Clay for mayor.

  3. This is an investment in keeping up that momentum, you know, for those 25 million anal tourists.