Sugar Creek Po-Po Answer Social Media Firestorm Over Arrest Beat Down

TLDR -- Dude has warrants and went to a police station . . . Now here's more background along with a teaser of the clip sparking hurt feelings corporate apps:

Sugar Creek police issue press release after video of arrest goes viral

Sugar Creek Police arrest SOURCE: Facebook WARNING: DETAILS IN THIS POST MAY BE CONSIDERED GRAPHIC -- The Sugar Creek Police Department has issued a statement after a video showing the arrest of an individual went viral on social media.The incident in question happened Monday morning.


  1. KKK FROM RAYTOWN4/9/19, 3:54 PM

    What a fat fuck of a police chief, Christopher Soule. Yes crazy perp but damn, Barney couldn't wait to break the window and administer a little street justus. I'm guessing video will produce a big payday. Go in the house for your own safety, bullshit, blocking the window on private property, bullshit. Only thing wrong is they didn't beat a non human. But it's Sugar Creek, no negroes.

  2. ^^^ shut up snowflake sissy boi, they barely touched that worthless meth head, what a whiny little bitch, both of you

  3. Funny how those people were filming way before they got there and the dude stops in front of the only house where somebody is filming, makes you wonder now doesn’t it

  4. Doesn't make me wonder at all. Total setup from the get go. Those sovereign citizen types are good for a laugh. That video really made my day. And really, those cops couldn't have been putting much of a beating on him if he could spend the whole time saying "oh they're beatin' me, oooh" and the funny-ass whining. That said, I'm okay with an identified law enforcement officer comes on to my property and requests I go inside. But some morbidly obese dude in a plain black tee-shirt? Nope. Better get that badge out before you ask me to do anything happy buu.

  5. That cop sure was a fat slob stupid motherfucking pig cocksucker. And how about cunt cop breaking the window? This video is a total fake. Not even a shithole like Sugar Creek could have cops this worthless.

  6. Guy refused to roll his window down. He was driving on a suspended license and wanted wanted on SIX warrants. Pretty sure police know who this guy is and deal with him on a regular basis. Consider this: what if it was your car he hit with his unlicensed, uninsured ass?


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