Southwest Never Coming Back

Update on community disagreement with KCPS that will remains unresolved . . . The part that MSM doesn't want to talk about: Neighbors are looking forward to the shut down and have often complained about the campus. Checkit:

KC district ends talks about reopening Southwest High School | The Kansas City Star

In a few weeks the 89-year-old Southwest Early College Campus high school is slated to be closed by Kansas City Public Schools. On Tuesday night, students marched with the thought that they very well may be the school's final graduates.


  1. A perfect building for luxury apartments!

  2. Brookside Voter4/4/19, 11:39 PM

    Turn it into "affordable housing" and I'm sure the neighbors will change their minds quickly.

  3. Turn it into a whorehouse staffed with hot slutty 18-21 chicks a milfs from Brookside. Have lots of booze and drugs available to the clientele.

  4. The blacks ruin everything, where evar they go, mass destruction follows.

  5. In the early 70's it was one of the top schools in the country - then, black people.

  6. "The group wanted to reopen Southwest as a middle and high school that would incorporate “diversity by design” in the student body makeup and “project-based learning” as a teaching method."

    Think I'd rather the building sit vacant for the next hundred years than have this implemented

  7. ^^well nobody really gives a shit what you think though. So there's that.

  8. They should just make the building into senior living. The blue building is atrocious. Knock that down and put some retail there. The district is shrinking and making more schools is just dumb.


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