Monday, April 08, 2019

Show-Me Vaxx Liberation In Missouri?!?

Missouri seyz that science is optional. Take a look:

Missouri bill would bar discrimination for not vaccinating


Anonymous said...

Go ahead, put the rest of the innocent children's lives at risk so you can conform to your idiotic beliefs.

Vaccinations do not cause ADHD, inept parenting that fails to teach children to deal with reality causes ADHD.

Byron Funkhouser said...

Unvaccinated children are not being discriminated against. But, they are a danger to the public & the public has the right to defend themselves.

Law makers should not be pushing an anti-vax agenda, they should be leading the way in educating the public that vaccinations are safe & necessary.

But, what can you do when the President says that the noise from windmills causes cancer.

He has taken anti-intellectualism to a whole new level with his profound ignorance.

Anonymous said...

God-damned idiot anti-vaxxers. Wake up, fucking dolts. You're putting the rest of society at risk due to your flat-earth bullshit. Find a cave and hide yourself away. Damn dirty people. Bet you don't wash your hands 'cause you can't see the germs, too. Idiots.

Anonymous said...

Anti vax children should be sequestered in internment camps, in the same manner that the great liberal champion FDR detained tens of thousands of Japanese-Americans in the Second World War. Actually I prefer the term 're-education' camps.

Anonymous said...

Anti Vaxx people are mostly muslims and other third worlders, not the very small group of weird religious white people. You can't come out and say, hey muslims vaccinate your kids so you have to blame white people.

Small pox was literally eradicated from western civilization but now it's back since we started importing third worlders