Thursday, April 04, 2019

Show-Me Tech Journalists Learn To Hate Missouri Senator Josh Hawley

The world of online journalism has found a new nemesis . . . The so-called "Golden Boy" from Missouri who doesn't have many local friends among Republicans AND now seems to betraying online trolls who supported him in much the same way he stabbed a former Navy Seal in the back to get the job. Take a look:

Sen. Josh Hawley Sucks at Reading This Internet Law He Keeps Attacking

The economic juggernaut we call the internet has thrived principally thanks to a single U.S. law passed more than two decades ago-Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. It states quite simply that website operators shall not be treated as the publishers of information posted by their users.


Anonymous said...

He is HOT!

Leave him alone.

Anonymous said...

Hawley is a childish self-important vacuous twit.
But he did beat tired old Claire, so you have to give him that.
Hawley is the kind of person who grates on people the longer he's around them and pretty soon on't be able to find enough friends to field a doubles team for tennis.
And his boundless ambition will cause him to do whatever is best for him which means he'll pretty much do as he's told.
Good luck to all you deplorables in Missouri!

Anonymous said...

He sucks period. Only old people support him.

Anonymous said...

I'm young and want to tongue his bunghole until he screams.

Ron Kulpa said...

Voted to make boycotting Israel illegal. One nation under Zion.

Anonymous said...

2:01---He does that to Trump and then sucks his cock.

Anonymous said...

Howdy Doody he one of those kochroaches pushing ALEC bills?