Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Show-Me The Quickly Fading Missouri Prairie

Really great Eco-article from public radio this morning reminds us that soil erosion across the state can ultimately impact flooding in the urban core. Here's a quick reminder that it's a round world:

Missouri's Prairies Are Disappearing, And Here's Why City Dwellers Should Care

Vast amounts of prairie speckled with wildflowers once covered Missouri. But today, little remains of what was once 15 million acres. The loss has been devastating blow to the state's ecosystem. "We have reaped the benefits of prairie soils, becoming an agricultural powerhouse," says Carol Davit, executive director of the Missouri Prairie Foundation.


Anonymous said...

Weez needs flying cars powered by the sun that will pollinate plants as you drive by them.

Anonymous said...

^^Or better comments from the morons who populate this blog.

Anonymous said...

^^ including you.

Anonymous said...

^^aforementioned moron.