Monday, April 29, 2019

Show-Me Latest Lesson In Missouri Education Worker Fair Wage Fight

Across the UM System, workers demand higher pay as funding and donations still confront challenges following social justice protest. Read more:

UM system workers organize for higher wages

The union representing MU, UMKC, and University Hospital maintenance workers held a rally on the MU campus last week in support of wage increases. While the Laborers Local 773 union said it supports wage increases for all UM system workers, the group only represents MU, UMKC and University Hospital workers.


Well, cray carrot-top created much of the MU mess! said...

How about the 'Zags should send mighty mouth Melissa back to Mudzoo Cooniversity. There, on that Coonlumbia campus she could march around and shout, "Hey, let's get some MONEY over here!"

Anonymous said...

^^^^^He's let Byron do it for years so why not that person.

Anonymous said...

Fucking unions man

Who Cares? said...

Who cares? Why should anyone care about some Monkey Zoo University grad?

You may call it “threats” but it’s what most people on this blog are already thinking.
Most of the St. Joseph locals feel the exact same way about this guy.

TKC Tipsters Stand Up said...

Boycott MU alumni-owned businesses.

Tell local sports bars and restaurants to remove MU decorations or items from their restaurants or you will no longer patronize them.

Boycott organizations and businesses that advertise during MU sports. Watch for their logos on the backdrops behind press conferences, etc.

Call your cable or satellite company and tell them to drop the SEC Network or you will drop your subscription.

Call your local radio stations that carry MU sports and tell them to drop their affiliation with the MU sports network or you will stop listening to their station and refuse to patronize their sponsors.

Tell your local school not to accept any invitations from MU for your school band to participate in "band day" or MU homecoming.

Call your Missouri state legislators and demand that the Missouri Department of Revenue stop issuing MU personalized license plates.

Call your state legislators and demand that they pass legislation prohibiting Missouri state employees from displaying MU personalized license plates on their personal vehicles.

Call your state legislators and demand that they pass legislation placing a moratorium on all hiring of MU graduates to state government positions. Also demand that any current MU graduates currently in state employment will be the first laid off in any future downsizings.

Tell local retailers to stop selling all MU merchandise or you will stop patronizing them.

Call your state legislators and demand that MoDOT remove all signs for MU on the highways around Columbia and to enact a moratorium on installing any new signs for MU.

Do not patronize any businesses in Boone County. If you are driving through on the highway, do not stop until the next county line.

Do not re-elect any official who is a MU supporter or alumni.

If you are with another University, tell your athletic department not to enter into any contract for playing any future sporting events versus MU. For those other institutions already in such a contract, tell them to cancel it.

If you are within reasonable distance, go across the state line outside of Missouri to purchase fuel. License your car out of state if possible.

TKC Tipsters Stand Up said...

Call or E-mail the Missouri Lottery and tell them no more MU themed lottery scratchers tickets or you will cease playing.

If you happen to find yourself doing business with an MU grad in state government, find something about that person you didn't like and file a complaint.

Tell the Kansas City Royals to drop "Mizzou Day at the K." Or you will not attend any more games.

Call the State of Missouri Office of Administration and demand that they stop collaborating with MU to offer State Employee Discounts to select MU sporting events.

Find out which businesses offer MU Alumni Association discounts to members and demand they cease or you will stop patronizing them.

Call MoDOT headquarters and demand that they stop collaborating with MU to sponsor the "Annual Traffic & Safety Conference" held each year in Columbia. This event draws hundreds of MoDOT employees for what is really a taxpayer-funded "vacation".

Most of the MoDOT employees who attend this are licensed engineers just go solely to get their legally required professional development credits to maintain licensure.

Speaking of licensed engineers, if you find out one is an MU grad, find out something you don't approve of and file a complaint against their license with the Missouri Licensing Board.

Call the Missouri State Highway Patrol and demand that they stop using state taxpayer dollars to provide traffic control and security at MU sporting events. Let the campus and local cops do that. Don't make the rest of the state pay for it.

Call your elected representatives and demand that no more federal or state contracts be awarded to MU for any projects or research.

Call the NBC network and tell them to drop KOMU-TV (Columbia affiliate owned and operated by MU School of Journalism) as a network affiliate or you will stop watching NBC and patronizing their sponsors.

Tell the Truman VA Hospital on the MU campus to cease their affiliation with the University.

Please feel free to add to this list and pass this along to your friends and family.

Truth About this Blog said...

You think Tony is going to do anything about these threats? This is precisely the kind of behavior he creates, encourages and stokes on this blog and it’s done on purpose. Target and smear people and institutions you don’t like, resort to half-truths and name calling, stoke irrational hatred towards these people and institutions, all the meanwhile portray yourself as holier-than-thou epitome of perfection. It’s the mark of a narcissistic egomaniac.

Where was the post on here about the UM professor winning the Nobel Chemistry prize? Or the fact that UM has recovered in terms of enrollments and student retention? Nowhere.

Show me one post on this blog in which the self-proclaimed barometer of “d-baggy”-ness of everyone else has ever admitted, “I was wrong about...” whatever.

You won’t find it.

This kind of behavior like these threats should be absolutely no surprise to anyone. It’s precisely the toxic, dehumanizing culture that’s fostered and enflamed on this site.

If any public official were to say the kind of garbage that gets posted on these comments, you people would be the first to scream and protest and call for that person’s removal and condemnation.

Anonymous said...

@10:57 The first amendment does not apply to threats and incitement to violence, in fact is it implicitly against it, which this most certainly was...DUMBASS! Jesus, the posters here are such retards.