Show-Me Dam Flooding Problem In Missouri

EXCEPTIONAL article revealing bad choices and not global climate change are the REAL undercurrent of Missouri's recent troubles with disastrous rising water. Read more:

"Nothing but Bad Choices": The Aging Dam System Behind the Missouri Flood

A record flood in the American Midwest has killed at least four people, displaced thousands, and caused an estimated $3 billion in property damage. The Missouri River Basinrose to record heights and broke its banks after hard winter rain couldn't be absorbed into the frozen soil.


  1. When you live by a river in it's floodplains you are going to get flooded at some time or another. Maybe more than once. But you knew that when you moved there so go cry somewhere else. There is nobody but yourself to blame.

  2. Censored Taxpayer4/3/19, 1:12 PM

    Phil Swift claims flex tape will solve the dam problem.


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