Sunday, April 21, 2019

Show-Me The 'Clean' Missouri Fight Cont'd

Important round-up of the argument in Jeff City and the largely successful GOP move to block "reform" efforts from progressives in Missouri and across the nation. Checkit:

'Clean Missouri' group concerned with Legislature's proposed amendment

The group "Clean Missouri," which backed the proposed constitutional amendment of the same name, is worried state lawmakers will ask Missourians to undo the amendment before it really takes effect. Last week, Clean Missouri Director Sean Soendker Nicholson urged his plan's supporters to contact lawmakers in opposition to House Joint Resolution 48.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like we need a new Citizen's petition imposing a Constitutional Amendment mandating that...

1) Any lawmaker found to have accepted anything from a paid lobbyist be immediately removed from office and be prohibited from ever holding elective office in this State again.

2) Any Staff member found to have accepted anything from a paid lobbyist be immediately dismissed from their salaried position and be prohibited from ever holding a paid position with any local or State governmental body in this State again.

3) Amendments to the Constitution can no longer originate within the State Legislature, but can only originate through a Citizens Petition.

4) Any person acting as a "lobbyist" must be registered.

5) Any person found to be acting as a lobbyist while not registered as such shall permanently lose all State Licensure, including Legal, Medical and Driving licenses.

Maybe that will get the GOP's attention.