Friday, April 12, 2019

Show-Me Budding Missouri Weed Biz

Locals love their weed, big cities have stopped charging with possession in small-amounts . . . It's ALMOST legal. Here's another reminder:

Study: Missouri's marijuana supply will outpace demand

ST. LOUIS, MO (AP) -- A government-commissioned study has found that Missouri won't have enough demand for medical marijuana to support the number of businesses the state is required to license next year. Three University of Missouri researchers recently told state officials that Missouri will need fewer than half of the 60 commercial growers that must be licensed by January.


Anonymous said...

University of Missouri researchers

LOL who is going to pay $2000 for a couple buds from the medical establishment when they can grow their own?

Pharma Bro said...

It should be $250,000 a bud. Especially if it's being used to reduce pain and stress.

Anonymous said...

One successful trip to Colorado and your pot dealer these days.

northlander said...

Wish they could also make furniture and other items with the excess, would make for many jobs.