Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Show-Me 4/20 Missouri Weed Crackdown

As the move toward marijuana legaliation ramps up, here's a glimpse at authorities pushing back against the hazards of the Missouri pot revolution. Read more:

"Drive high, get a DUI": Missouri launches first 420 drugged-driving enforcement campaign

Law enforcement in Missouri will be out in full force April 19-20 to crack down on drugged driving offenders. According to MoDOT the date of April 20, is also referred to as "420" is a celebratory day for cannabis enthusiasts as code for smoking marijuana.


Anonymous said...

This has civil liberties lawsuit written all over it

Orphan of the Road said...

Drinks a beer or two and get a DUI. Fair is fair.

No way to test if a person is under the influence of thc. Only that the biproducts of it having been smoked in the last 30-days (or longer). That will keep lawyers employed for a decade unless a "reliable" test is developed.

Consider the Blood Alcohol Test is heavily flawed according to the scientist who developed it has shown.

More revenue, not more safety.

Anonymous said...

Now if I can only remember where I parked my car?

Anonymous said...

is that symbolic or do stoners really celebrate on April 20 and get really stoned?

Anonymous said...

i love sussing out stoner cooooode.