Thursday, April 04, 2019


Update on recent House push back against the Prez and the local angle from a rising star newbie Kansas politico:

“I’m committed to making sure more Kansans – not fewer – have access to quality, affordable healthcare,” said Rep. Sharice Davids. “If the Affordable Care Act is struck down, the 1,200,300 people in Kansas with pre-existing conditions could lose their protections, and millions more people across the country would be stripped of their healthcare coverage. That’s why I voted to condemn this attack and ensure people in the Third District still have access to quality, affordable health care.”

Read more:

House Democrats Condemn Trump Obamacare Lawsuit | Breitbart


Mt Doctors second car is a Lamborghini said...

Well good luck sweet heart.

Anonymous said...

^^^ My Doc bought his 16 year old daughter a Tesla.

God bless the affordable care act.

Anonymous said...

Who told her how to vote ?

Dr. Love - Gynecology said...

I recommend the new top of the line 2019 Porsche's.

Anonymous said...

Sharice is a stupid cunt. I’m sure the Lickahoe tribe is very proud of her.

Indian Creek Hate Crime Victims said...

ObamaCare was, is and always will be, a wealth transfer from makers to the parasite TAKERS who vote for freebies by way of Democrat politicians.

Premiums through the roof so you could go to work and pay for people to stay home and look at World Star and BET.

You lost your doctor and your health plan while politicians lied and lined their pockets with your cash and directed even more money to the bread and circus minority mobs who rule this country by way of changing demographics and political malfeasance.

It was an economic disaster and is a portent of things to come.

We are headed, to a place, where law abiding, honest citizens no longer have control over the Socialist/Fascist/Totalitarian/Democrat-One Party thugs which will turn this country into one great big Baltimore/East St. Louis/South Africa where, minority whites suffer under the malevolent suzerainty of militants who hate them.

Your children are fucked.

Diversity is death.

We are dead, in black on white hate crimes, that will increase as carte blanche is afforded to killers more and more in the future as whites are further and further demonized in this necrotic, ethnomasochistic zeitgeist.

Anonymous said...

Wow she's retarded. Premiums are 3-4x's higher than they were pre obama care and coverage is worse. It's funny how democrats even try to defend this piece of shit bill. It's a failure and the premise the Health Insurance and Health Care are the same thing. yes democrats, continue to defend this abomination

Anonymous said...

Sharice Davids doesn't know what she is talking about. She is a LIAR and I guess she hasn't listen to what Trump has said over and over again and that is he would make sure people with pre existing conditions would NOT lose their coverage.

I would suggest that everyone contact Sharice Davids office and call her a LIAR! And to stop with her scare tactic propaganda BS!

Anonymous said...

Just let the Gov't take it over already. Heath care is FUBAR'd.

We pay through the nose for insurance for something that might happen and then have to pay a huge deductible on top of that when something does happen. Enough already.

I say "burn it down" and start fresh.

That is all. Carry on.

Real JoCo Voter said...

Actually, she is right and 11:02 is a traitor.

Anonymous said...

She is fantastic. Only the nearly departed hate her.

Anonymous said...

She is a 1 term frootloop. Any bets?

Anonymous said...

quality, affordable health care

Now just what is that? Better yet, who does it really apply to?

Your average working citizen has to pay outrageous fees for health insurance while the freeloaders pay nothing. How is that fair and equal?

Anonymous said...

^^I don't know. Did you ask them? Stop asking stupid questions.

Anonymous said...

typical republican garbage. One hand worried about all the unborn fetuses, then turn around and deny pregnant women, children, mothers, and fathers health insurance. How is that fetus going to do if the mother can not afford healthcare, fckn slutty bitch gets what she deserves, no wealth transfer for her and her fetus.

Anonymous said...

go ahead and deny birth control to all those low income folks with lots of free time to fuck & drink, that you do not want on welfare, that u don't want having abortions, and who want more and more and more and more of your wealth transferred to them.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^ You idiot they can get all the free BC crap they want at Planned Parenthood. The health dept will also give you free condoms, so you're wrong again loser

Anonymous said...

If you were an alien, what would be the most rational birth control in those circumstances:
the pill
a copper IUD
a hormonal IUD
a vasectomy (which the ACA does not cover- typical Democrat garbage)
More typical Democrat garbage:
I have obamacare,
-even if they say it is not an HMO, it is
-Expect to be treated like a guatamalan H2 agricultural visa holder
-Insurance companies will be paid 3x as much as you paid per month for health insurance.
-getting a single 10'piece of elastic tape put on a limb of your body at physical therapy will be line itemized as costing $80 and for the entire session you will pay out of pocket what you'd think it would cost at a place that did not accept health insurance.
-Depending on what kind of doctor you want to see, you may or may not have a choice.
-a nurse will review your file, which may or may not be established, and recommend the best doctor for you to see without talking to you.
-3 different insurance providers so far, EVERY time have to find a new primary care provider and new doctor for every specialty, new two month wait for every time a 'new patient'.

Josh said...

Wow! I am totally surprised by this! Next thing you know she will come out as a lesbian democrat in Kansas.

AOC said...

Hey girl, after the vote stop by my office for some selfies with the Queer Eye guys!!!

I'll just do a little dance now and wait for TKC geezer heads to explode. Consider that your trigger warning.

Anonymous said...

Let them dance naked. @ 2:32 I can't wait

Anonymous said...

Who is Sharice Davids? Isn't she a "lady wrestler" She sure acts more like that than a serious person when before cameras in DC. Mark my words. One term wonder.

Anonymous said...

She is a Pelosi plant. Nancy waters her daily.