Saturday, April 06, 2019


Great report on this town spending a great deal of taxpayer cash in order for suits to have someplace to park in their taxpayer subsidized digs. Checkit:

Audit: KCMO spending too much on downtown parking garages

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As the city of Kansas City, Missouri, continues to have conversations about improving public transit and making it easier to walk and bike around, a recent city audit says that certain parking garages are creating a big strain on that goal.


Censored Citizen said...

No surprise there is no maintenance plan as this is a fine example of the planned obsolescence strategy. Would be interesting to know who benefits from the many spaces going for under market value. Just a couple of days ago lame duck mayor Slie was spewing his bile about equity and now the parking spaces for less than market value appears. Evidently Slie only wants equity for some and not others.

Anonymous said...

Having to constantly add parking garages downtown is a perfect example of both the complete lack of any kind of comprehensive coordinated plan and the emptiness of all the "urban vitality" hype that constantly spews from city hall and the Chamber boardroom.
If downtown is such a dense vibrant diverse place with all the excitement and amenities of modern life and with THE streetcar connecting all the thousands of jobs with the tens of thousands of downtown residents, why do these people all have private vehicles? Why do you need any parking places at all?
When one part of your "philosophy" bumps into another element of it, it becomes very clear that it's really all just ad hoc and mostly falling over yourself to subsidize pretty much any "developer" ho walks through the door.
And all falling down due to lack of maintenance in no time.
What a legacy!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

^^^ speaking of which, where do the 25,000,000 visitors park?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

^^^ that’s funny right there!

The Streetcar Neighbors Bike KC Gestapo said...

"Eric Bunch, policy director for BikeWalkKC"

Yup knew instantly before even clicking the link to see the article that the chances of this clown being involved would be 99%.

Welcome to Killa' City.. A Sly James Jolie Justus Production said...

Bunch is an idiot. I wouldn't hire him to mow my lawn because he screw it up.

Anonymous said...

YES complete lack of coordinated plan every single time and between all plans. How the hell does it make semse that Jolie justis declares that the new airport is going to imclude a light rail station! TADAaa!
Go4kc does the ciy a misservice blowimg obsequious sumshine everywhere.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Have to disagree to an extent @11:03, Gay4KC does provide a lot of laughs with his ridiculous nonsense, and he always manages to fire up the few loonies who take him even the least bit seriously, so that's a hoot too!

With the damage that has been to this City by the Mayor and Council over the last eight years, we need some sort of entertainment and Comic Relief.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing rational about a lt railstation at airport until someone presents a rational METROWIDE system, which i highly doubt anyone can do in the near future, if ever. Or is this a lt rail plan to serve new future devlopment of a bunch of crappy commumties slapped from a developers handbook, less so existing communities. A very expensive rail route to airport from downtown dino exhibit making a corridor for an immense spulative spree with little oversight is not a rational rail plan or rational urban planning. This bumping of philosophies was bound to happen, which is why may always be a toy train or evolve into whatever the hell happens. Which go4kc will shit glitter all over.

Anonymous said...

While the machine celebrates, stupid goes on and on like the subsidized parking, the streetcar extensions, sending the autonomous effort to Siberia
(Zona Rosa).

Never mind no autonomous shuttle in the Crossroads, which is an obvious application. There is no desire by the entrenched to have a breakthrough throw any shade on the Streetcar extensions. New buses carry more than the Streetcar, that is a low cost option too. The insiders don't want low cost options, not enough pork for them to chew.

And Sly calls it momentum, it is silo execution on outdated plans, which is a clear manifestation of bad management.

I am sure Jolie and Quentin will clear it right up.

Anonymous said...

new rules:
if you live on street car route you have to work on a street car route, and vice versa, or pay a penalty.
'On a street car route' is defined as within 1 mile walking distance.