Friday, April 26, 2019


Tyreek Hill makes an excellent villain.

His alleged actions and tough talk portrayed in the recent media blitz regarding his suspension represent everything that disgusts, frightens and captivates the fading American middle-class.

At the precipice of a $100-million-dollar+ contract his public image was sacrificed by the MSM pretending to care about the fate of local youngsters despite the fact that during the upcoming warmer weather Kansas City will likely witness at least a handful of youngsters gunned down in a traditional urban core slaughter that is casually glossed over by most news outlets who give more time to weather coverage and news about puppies.

This is no defense of Tyreek Hill but merely a meditation on the hypocritical consternation of sports journalists and football fans at the details of the reportedly violent home life of a superstar who is paid handsomely to participate in a sport predicated on bone-shattering collisions, concussions, militarism, crass commercialism and junk food.

And so we ask our blog community that hopefully prizes critical thinking over the herd mentality of the social media age:


Sadly, none of this will help that poor guy who was beaten to death in the Arrowhead parking lot after getting into the wrong car given that his assailant got off with wrist-slap probation.

Check the links for edification:

Deadspin: Tyreek Hill To Fiancée, Crystal Espinal: "You Need To Be Terrified Of Me, Too, Bitch"

KCTV5: Police called to Tyreek Hill's home Thursday night to check on fiancee

Fox4: Former Jackson County assistant prosecutor looks at what could happen next for Tyreek Hill

KCTV5: Sports radio host Bob Fescoe says it's time for Chiefs to cut ties with Tyreek Hill

Arrowhead Pride: Chiefs must do some “soul-searching” after release of Tyreek Hill audio

Fox4: Chiefs say Tyreek Hill won’t take part in any team activities as they investigate

Yahoo Sports: Chiefs should cut Tyreek Hill, NFL should ban him for life

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

He was not charged by the prosecutor.

NO trial has been set.

Innocent until proven guilty is the American way.

Let the man do his job.

Nuff said...

If he helps to win a Super Bowl. All is forgiven.

Anonymous said...

I wished I cared...I don't. They're just disposable product designed to entertain me. Bring on his replacement!

Anonymous said...

12:48, they may be disposable products, but that terrified little boy who got his arm broken by his own father is not. It is strange how "It's all about the children." can turn into "It's all about football." so quickly.

Super Dave said...

Hill is a public figure and suppose to be a professional ball player. Professionals of anything are not those who one would think acting like a thug and beating up on women and children is acceptable behavior.

Simply put he is a professional ball player that I am sure thousands of kids everywhere look up to. He should be setting a standard of good behavior as a shining example for his young fans to see and maybe follow as he a professional should.

Hill not once but twice now has exhibited very unprofessional type behaviour related to violence against a person and I agree that the Chiefs should cut him lose and the NFL should ban him from the league.

The excuse of him not being charged with anything so he is innocent is the lamest damn excuse a person could speakout with. Physical violence against innocent people especially a child has no place whatsoever in our society.

His mouth has more or less made it clear of the caliber of person he is. They say you reap what you sow, so I hope he reaps 40 tons of hell upon his life for his actions.

Anonymous said...

12:54.1, how do you know that Hill broke the child's arm? Can you provide details of the incident?

12:54.2, I do not agree that professional athletes must be model citizens and serve as role models for children. The history of professional sports is chock a block with excellent players who were nevertheless cads, roues and all around jerks. If Joe Lunchbucket would be allowed to go back to work in the same scenario, so should Tyreek Hill.

MSM's pretense to be our moral arbiters is laughable. Their opinions are worth no more than those of people on the street. The fact that they get to express them in print does not add anything to their credibility.

Anonymous said...

^^^^Man are you ever an idiot

Anonymous said...

He ain’t done be yet nothing wrong- or is to be- guilty or not!
El la child- violence backhand does , et el... per se.
She the woman- not or is- from the violence of not the hood!
Tyreek is not done just finished- immediately or temp- voice recorder not
Chiefs win or not- he ain’t be bested- yet busted

Anonymous said...

I'm all for second chances, T Hill has had his. It's over.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Good call. Seriously, this guy has been given more breaks than anybody in his situation.

Anonymous said...

You can take the feral animal out of the jungle but .......

Anonymous said...

Tyreek's being railroaded and it's so disgusting it's actually got me defending a black dude. I hope he fights back twice as hard

Anonymous said...

@3:16, You’re probably a proud Chiefs fan so don’t be too hard on yourself.

Tyreek is gonna be the one TERRIFIED on payday, huh? said...

Kansas ordered support for 1 adult "fiance", temporarily, and Kansas support orders for 3 minors, until 18 years old (could be 21)---Ka Ching!!!

Anonymous said...

What does O.J. say about all this?

Anonymous said...

^^^^^O.J says me and the white Bronco are on the way hang in there Tyreek, we will find out who broke the brats arm like I found Nicole's killer.