Friday, April 19, 2019

Rock Chalk Jock Salary Crackdown

KU B-Ball honcho has the 4th highest salary in all of college basketball and he's the highest paid state employee who pays very little taxes. Unfortunately, his best coaching move is with International sports merch dealers . . . Thankfully, there's going to be closer scrutiny of his money:

New policy requires Kansas Regents approval for some head coach, athletic director contract extensions

Some contracts extensions for head coaches and athletic directors at Kansas universities will now need approval from Kansas Board of Regents officials before they can be offered. The Regents approved the amended policy on athletic department contracts during its April meeting on Wednesday in Lawrence.


Anonymous said...

It doesn’t matter. As soon as KU goes on probation for paying players, Self will leave. KU will then have no good sports teams. The Bi 12 will kick them out and they will join the Mountain West conference. Rock Chalk Gayhawk.

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Anonymous said...

I like Self and the Jayhawks. I can’t stand their jackoff fans. Most of them are whiny little faggots.