Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Right-Wing Commish Candidate Emerges As Clay County Slap Fight Continues

The fight among Republican Clay County politicos is very much like watching a Russian slapping contest.

It's captivating, painful yet satisfying inasmuch as it disproves the persistent myth of suburban bliss among Conservatives.

Accordingly, here's the latest word of an EVEN FURTHER FAR RIGHT-WING DUDE claiming that he can make peace amid the bitter feuding betwixt different varieties of Wonder Bread.

And yeah, this one was posted only because a few online friends think the guy can actually make a difference AND because I wanted to share that Russian slap fight video:

Daily Mail: Men aggressively slap each other in Russian strength competition


Doug Ervin Announces Campaign for Clay County Eastern Commissioner

(Clay County, MO) – Kearney native and life-long Clay County resident Doug Ervin (R-Kearney) announced his candidacy for Clay County Eastern Commissioner today. “This county needs a Commission that cares about our future, values law enforcement, and understands the infrastructure and economic development needs to bring Clay County into the 21st century,” stated Ervin.

“I find the conduct of this Commission to be unbecoming and a violation of the trust of its citizens.”

Ervin, a Republican, is employed by Cerner Corporation as a Senior Director and served in the Missouri House of Representatives from 2003-2010 where he served as Chair of the Special Committee on Small Business, Vice Chair of Appropriations -Transportation and Economic Development, Vice Chair of Children and Families, and other policy committees relating to tourism, tax policy, health care, and education.

State Representative Ken Wilson joined Ervin’s campaign and will serve as campaign treasurer. “When Doug told me he was interested in running, I immediately gave him my full support. He loves this county, is man of character, and a real professional. Doug is a proven fiscal conservative, a vocal proponent for transparent and accountable government, understands the needs of the county and brings the business experience necessary to turn this county around. Doug is the candidate people can trust to do the right thing.”

His announcement comes after the Clay County Commission’s lawsuit to stop a state audit of the county that was initiated by a citizens’ petition, budget actions that diminish the ability of the Sheriff’s office to protect the public and the Clerk’s office statutory responsibility to protect the rights of taxpayers to appeal increases in their property assessments, and the needless filing of one frivolous lawsuit after another.

Sheriff Paul Vescovo responded to Ervin’s campaign, "Doug will bring professionalism and integrity back to the County Commission. His support of law cannot be underscored and he will work closely with the Sheriff’s department to protect our communities. We need positive leadership that supports our officers and Doug will provide that leadership."

“Our citizens deserve to have a commission that works for them, not against them, a commission that is open and transparent to the people, a commission that acts professionally and in the best interest of its citizens, a commission that the citizens can trust,” stated Ervin.

Ervin’s campaign states that he will work to consolidate county government where it best serves the people, manage the county in a professional manner, and introduce ordinances to promote transparency. “Clay County is an exceptional place to raise a family, have a career, and enjoy the quality of life it has to offer. I’m looking forward to meeting the voters of Clay County to hear their concerns, share ideas, and gain their support. This county has a great future, let’s start today to chart a course together for success.”

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Anonymous said...

It's the Commies

Anonymous said...

Arrr hahahahaha wut's wit his hair? He looks like a geezer.

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious, he's a "conservative", running against Luanne Ridgeway, who got elected to both the State Legislature and the County Commission by the votes of the rural "conservatives"!

Civil warfare?

Anonymous said...

The Clay County Republican Central Committee is supporting Doug over Luann. No civil war. The people of Clay County are just throwing out the trash and ready for a fresh start.

Anonymous said...

More state reps to the rescue, lmfao.

Anonymous said...

All liberals need to be slapped like the Russians. That's who they were in bed with anyway.

Anonymous said...

LOLOLOLOLOL!!!! This is the doofiest looking guy I've ever seen in my life!! That hair!!LOL
This guys grass is always perfect. LOL
This guy rides a 10 speed through your neighborhood with spandex and a helmet on.

Anonymous said...

This guy has teeth where his upper lip should be.

Anonymous said...

I can see the back of this guys head in this picture.

Anonymous said...

If this picture was in black and white he'd look like an extra in the movie "Oh Brother Where Art Thou"

Anonymous said...

This guy complains to the mailman about walking through his grass.