Resignation After Controversial Kansas National Guard Suicide Uptick

A regional story showing the risk the the troops on the homefront . . . Lots of behind the scenes debate that has been hashed out on social media. Here's an important reports on the topic:

Kansas National Guard captain submits resignation in wake of suicides

A captain in a Kansas National Guard brigade that experienced several suicides in six months said she has submitted a letter of resignation after concerns about the issue weren't taken seriously enough by leadership.The National Guard has a higher suicide rate than other branches of the military, including active-duty soldiers, a report from the Department of Defense said.


  1. Read the story. The officer who resigned sounds more than a bit loopy herself. She was a "behavioral health officer," which is about as useful to mission effectiveness as the post's cat mascot. The good that came out of this mess is she is no longer on the payroll. Please do not rehire her.


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