Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Redux: Show-Me Clean Missouri Trashed

Update on the GOP gutting the will of Missouri voters after the so-called "blue wave" win. Read more:

Missouri House Votes To Roll Back Redistricting Changes Approved By Voters In November

The Missouri House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly Monday to advance a joint resolution that would have voters decide whether to make changes to the redistricting process outlined by Amendment 1, otherwise known as Clean Missouri. Voters overwhelmingly approved the amendment last November.


Anonymous said...

That's GOOD!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Pissing in the Voter's aces is a good thing @7:30?
You must be a Republican, they're the only ones who think that the American System of Democracy is wrong, and their wealthy Masters should be the only ones who get to be "the Deciders"!

If they succeed in this, then I can't wait for the howls of outrage when the Democratic Party retrieves control of both Houses and begins redistricting.