Monday, April 22, 2019

Redux: Show-Me Clean Missouri Trashed

More insight into Missouri ethics reform (lulz) thrown out along with all of those pesky citizen initiative petition votes for those gentle souls who still believe in the persistent myth of direct Democracy . . . Read more:

Missouri Lawmakers Look To Undo Voter-Approved Initiatives

In the last month of Missouri's legislative session, lawmakers are likely to change - if not completely eliminate - some of the initiative petitions the state's voters passed in November. Republican leaders in both the state House and Senate said they are prepared to make changes to Amendment 1, an ethics proposal also known as Clean Missouri.


Anonymous said...

Clean Missouri was funded by George Soros, and put in place to confuse voters on what Amendment 1 was really all about. It needs to be eliminated.

Anonymous said...

^^^except that it wasn't at all. Weird.

Anonymous said...

No, @8:19, the Republican "Project Redmap" gerrymandered rural districts that the GOP spent million$ setting up in order to disenfranchise Democrats need to be eliminated.

Then, when a honest representation is re-established, all those "Stalwart Republican Leaders" in Jefferson City can go back to chasing Ambulances down gravel roads and we can get this State moving once again.

Reality Speaker said...

If readers are interested in viewing a " gerrymandered" voting district, just take a peek at Cleaver's district. Be careful not to get lost in the maze.

northlander said...

those who change this just might not be around on the next election