Tuesday, April 02, 2019

PortKC Loves Democracy Even Though The Spend Most Of Their Time Thwarting It

The shadiest organization in Kansas City touts voting today despite the fact that they typically endorse initiatives that exclude voters . . . Take a look:

Port KC gives employees election days off

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - On Tuesday, many Kansas City voters will head to the polls before work, during a lunch break or even on the way home. Port KC is hoping to make voting easier for its employees, while also encouraging them to give back to the community.


Anonymous said...

It was nice reading the stuff on here yesterday without the comments from all the usual faggots.

Super Dave said...

I do hope that it is a day without pay? Or were they given the day off with pay but told how they had to vote? Any bets on how many of them don't bother to vote? Better question is, are all employees residents of the city?

Anonymous said...

Encourage the employees to give back to the community the amount they were paid for not working. Public employers are always so generous with taxpayer money.