Friday, April 19, 2019


Quick reminder that everything about NewKCI is going to be more expensive (and much worse) than what was promised. Take a look:

Airlines might be raising prices this summer and here's why

(Meredith/CNN) -- Airfares are almost certain to go up this summer. Troubles with the Boeing 737 Max are part of the reason. The grounding of the Boeing 737 Max jet took 371 planes out of serviceworldwide for an indefinite period of time.


Anonymous said...

This is outrageous. I demand Jolie justice take a stand for affordable plane travel! I want affordable! Affordable housing, affordable access to “women’s health”, affordable legal representation, affordable this and that waaa waaa Russia mueller oh my god!

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Anonymous said...

Actually, it’s LOL @ Teresa Loar she’s been in public office running her mouth for 20 years and she could not find 6 council people to support her “renovate the terminals to the bones” idea. Then 70% of the public voted against her and for a single-terminal.

Reality Speaker said...

Southwest has more 737 Max's than any other airline. This grounding of a significant portion of their fleet has to have a tremendous effect on their bottom line.

THEY ARE THE AIRLINE WE RELY UPON to pay for the new (unneeded) terminal.

What could go wrong here? Good luck.

Anonymous said...

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