Tuesday, April 02, 2019

New Hotness: Car-Free In Kansas City

A celebration of people with the cash to live in nice in the urban core. As always, disposable income affords people great health with the added benefit of shaming former suburban friends about their vehicles and blaming them for killing the planet. Checkit:

Living car-free in Kansas City? This man has done it for a decade

In 2000, Bill Poindexter weighed 400 pounds. As part of his plan to lose weight, Poindexter started walking or riding his bike wherever he could. He ended up enjoying it so much that he eventually sold his car and committed to getting around Kansas City entirely under his own power.


In all Reality said...

Well good for him but very few can do what he does. Like maybe .000001% of them could. Guy must be gay or never dates. Just how many women would be all over a man who shows up on a bike to go out to dinner and a movie. Does she ride in the trailer behind him?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Poindexter sounds kind of like a little bitch.

Anonymous said...

Ever notice how fat the bitches are in this town?
If little bitches ^^^^^^like these two^^^^^ would stop putting up with the fat bitches shit maybe they would be men instead of little bitches.
It takes a real man to say no to a fat ass bitch.
Let the fat ass bitches walk....you know, global warming and all.
Stop placating the fat bitches. Man-up.
Let the fat bitches be fat bitches. Don't fuck them.
They are worthless and weak.
You are just playing into their weak minded, calorie laden lifestyle.
don't be a fat bitch enabler.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet he has friends that never invite him to dinner because he would always need a ride for him and his date and you"d have to go pick her up on the way. And need Febreese in the car when you're done.

Byron Funkhouser said...

Lots of people live without cars.

They're not free, you know.