Monday, April 08, 2019


The anniversary of a Nazi committing the Overland Park Jewish Community Center shooting is coming up. Black churches are haunted by the legacy of Dylan Roof targeting Charleston worshipers. The Pittsburgh synagogue shooting still resonates amid rising immigration hate. And the Christchurch mosque attack seems to confirm the trend that terrorist danger threatens houses of prayer.

And so, locals are smart to take precautions . . . Like this:

Active shooter training seminar held for church members

More than 200 people from dozens of churches across the Kansas City area came together Monday to learn the best ways to react to an active-shooter situation.


Anonymous said...

Shoot back is how!

If half the members of a church are packing, all the bad guys will avoid that place.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ some may not agree but there's no denying @8:00 is correct.

Anonymous said...

I am aware of a main line church North of the river where many carry, and are encouraged to do so by the pastor (who himself carries).

Super Dave said...

8:00 is very correct. These misfits of society like picking places they know there isn't probably going to be anyone shooting back at them.

I told my bank manager the other day they couldn't have made their place anymore rob-able then that no gun sign on the front door. She looked at me and asked me how that is so and I told her a robber knows it's safe to rob you because he knows you or probably anyone in here won't shoot back. But that won't mean he won't shoot you just for giggles and grins and you have no way at all to protect yourself. And with that I left.

Anonymous said...

The real fear is the blacks, now those people are the most murderous in the world, but msm isn’t talking about that

Anonymous said...

^^^^No you left because you can’t withdraw -.10 cents, which is what your bank account is worth.

Anonymous said...

Because we’re not afraid shit-bird.

Trollbusters said...

^^^^^^Man that is so weak loser.

Byron Funkhouser said...

^^All of the shootings that Tony referenced were committed by white men.

White churches have nothing to fear from toxic white males, & only white males commit mass murder of random strangers.

The only times there has been a killing in a white church, it was a domestic violence situation with collateral damage.

Fortunately, they are wasting their time.

Anonymous said...


So-called "Nazi" Frazier Glenn Cross was a former federal government informant, who was loosely monitored by the FBI.

Dylan Roof was a drug-abusing, mentally-challenged young man who had extensive contact with law enforcement and was likely set-up to be their patsy. Go back and look at all the photos that created his social media profile, and ask yourself "who was traveling with him and took so many photos?" Answer: his handler

Most so-called "terrorism" that occurs in the U.S. are staged acts of violence to perpetuate a constant state of fear and to justify the steady encroachment upon your shrinking civil rights.

Billions of dollars are spent annually to convert the U.S. into a constant surveillance police-state, but please notice that they never stop the stooges who are frequent-flyers on the intelligence agencies programs:
1) 2 brothers in Boston linked to the FBI/CIA who were blamed for the Boston Marathon event.
2) A composite character said to have Asperger's who was blamed for the Newtown CT event.
3) Omar Mateen, the son of a protected CIA asset given refuge in the U.S., who was blamed for the Pulse nightclub event.
4) Farook and Malik who were known to US State Dept. and intelligence agencies were blamed for the 2015 San Bernardino CA event.
5) Stephen Paddock, linked to a CIA front-company was blamed for the Las Vegas event.

All these individuals were killed or incapacitated during the event, allowing authorities to dictate a scripted narrative which co-opted corporate media then regurgitate to the gullible public.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Watch list at @9:58 please!

Anonymous said...

You got a mosque/sharia law problem in your area? Simple. Just release a bunch of wild feral hogs into the area. They breed uncontrollably, but You’d rather have that problem. A peaceful solution.

Anonymous said...

Says Byron the totally wacked out of his mind white man

Anonymous said...

New Zealand doesn't have enough gun control laws.

Anonymous said...

BLIEron, you ignorant slut, here’s the problem in killa shitty. Read it and weep pussy.

Black- Lorenzo J. Gilyard murdered 12 women

Black- Terry Blair murdered 9 women

Black- Fredrick Scott racist hate murderer kills 6 white people

Black- Ray Shawn Jackson murdered 6 women, known as the “Gillham Park Strangler”

Black- Brandon Howell racist hate murderer kills 5 white people.

These are the top five mass murderers in killa shitty history.

Anonymous said...

Hey Byron you mean like all of the black guys that committed the mass murder in Texas New York and Louisiana? How about the mass murders in Kansas City everyday are they white guys?

BTW When is your multiple personality going to change back to geezer hater?

Are these talks taking place in black churches? said...

For decades, in all the major U.S. cities---blacks killing blacks surpasses the total of all mass murders committed by ALL other races in the U.S. for multiple YEARS!

Global fear? White nationalists? Active shooter? Hmmmmmm...