Mystery Surrounds KCK Butchered Horse

More deets give rise to even more questions. Checkit:

Horse found dismembered in KCMO park was stolen out of KCK, police say

An already gruesome story took another twist over the weekend.Kansas City, Missouri, authorities were called to the disc golf course in Kessler Park Tuesday after people playing near the 17th hole noticed a foul odor.When authorities arrived, they found a dismembered horse's head and other body parts approximately 20 yards back in a wooded area.Kansas City police said the horse appeared to have been field dressed for consumption.


  1. Sure that some folks for south of the border are enjoying a great steak about now.
    Worked with some of these people, they will eat anything.
    Guess they must not know about food stamps. Most beaners here get them.

  2. It was an Amish horse jacking.

  3. Asians could have eaten the horse. They could have mistaken it for a large dog.

  4. … A horse is a horse of course of course
    And no one can talk to a horse of course.
    That is of course unless the horse
    Is the famous Mister Ed!

  5. May be someone is feeding this to their Negro Terriers.

  6. the underbelly of progress

  7. Not a surprise that this happened in the Scary Renaissance hood. The horse is probably being served up at one of a taquerias over there.

    Horse tacos? Si se puede!!!

  8. i am sure it is just one very hungry person, your dogs and cats are safe and no one is serving them in a wrap with mayonnaise at a gas station, that only happens in asian countries.

  9. This is not the cheapest meat supplier company in Kansas City, but they are not the highest either.

  10. Don't kid yourself
    Have you ever seen the food at Taco King on Prospect?

  11. Keep the Bow-Wow and the Meow out. Better say "mess" or "canteen", not the "chow"!4/8/19, 12:22 PM wonder many of Uncle Sam's service persons who've 'toured' Asia pass on the "chow" mein.

  12. French, look for French people.


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