Mighty Kris Kobach And MAGA Pals Launch DHS Campaign With Uber-ing Illegals Hype

Regarding a hometown loser left behind after this defeat at the hands of a Kansas granny: Breitbart is Selling Kris Kobach as Trump’s Next DHS Secretary

Kris Kobach: Border Agents Forced to Act as Uber Drivers for Illegal Immigrants and Migrants | Breitbart

CHARLIE SPIERING "It is an amazing crisis we're in, one border patrol agent told me that they feel like they're Uber drivers for illegal aliens, they don't have time to enforce the law right now," he said.


  1. Byron Funkhouser4/8/19, 9:25 PM

    Please do not put this hateful man in charge of the DHS.



  3. Well liberals above. Even Jay Johnson aka Obama's DHS said there is a crisis at the boarder and backs Kris Kobach. Wanting people to obey our laws isn't hateful but you liberals don't understand that. You love crime, fighting and killing anything to get noticed right Byron? Kinda like your killing spree in Benghazi, oh but I forgot that was a video that an American put out and no one saw.

  4. Gopher Casey4/9/19, 8:20 AM

    I'll bet most of the Uber reviews are not good for these folks. The officers have a tough job, and are probably pretty stressed and maybe unpleasant. On the other hand, the migrants are likely to only receive one star review as well due to their poor hygiene from the long trip they have endured, especially if someone is or were to become sick. Overall a hard and sad situation.

  5. Just keep this clown away from Kansas. Yale Law....come pick up your weirdo please.


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