Monday, April 29, 2019

Meth Town Grassroots Petition Against Sketchy Smart Meter Tech Stays Winning

Probably one of our favorite efforts to push back against local government and a horribly unpopular "tech" effort that would cost working families more cash. Checkit:

Petition to overturn Independence smart meter vote gains momentum

Nearly a month after what several citizens called an "underhanded" vote to approve new smart electric meters in Independence, supporters are confident in their petition process to overturn the $30 million project.The project is on hold until the petition process is resolved.


Anonymous said...

They shouldn’t allow this to happen, they can control your heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. DON’T. LET. THIS. HAPPEN.

Anonymous said...

No they can't ! Idiot.

Anonymous said...

Please, not another giveaway to KCPL. They got enough with the smart grid, the smart city, the ev preparedness, the green zone. Every few years they foist another low benefit scam on the clueless public.

Stop it.