Sunday, April 07, 2019

McCaskill Defends Handsy Joe Biden

Update on Missouri's highest ranking pundit who took to the airwaves with a "nuanced" defense of this grabby politico in the midst of his White House run. Read more:

MSNBC's "Morning Joe" panel passionately defended Joe Biden as "no predator," and mocked Trump's multiple divorces


Traffic Light said...

Evidently Claire misses Joe's groping.

Anonymous said...

Liberals are outraged by sexual harassment if they don't like you and look the other way if the person is in their party.

Anonymous said...

Well of course she does. Democrats are exempt from the #metoo movement, that's why she voted against Kavanaugh it only stands for republicans that have a fake 30yr old accusation made about them. This is also what got her voted out. She never learns.

Biden is a sexual predator you can't argue with it there are numerous videos of him groping even little girls. It's unappropriated behavior.

Claire is one stupid lady!

Anonymous said...

Apparently, the defense is Biden isn't a sexual harasser, he's a creepy toucher.

Anonymous said...


Former husband was a druggie, while she was Jackson County Prosecutor.

Current husband was doing private business deals and milking the government teat on Capitol Hill, while she was a U.S. Senator.

Claire didn't pay her taxes multiple times.

Claire covered for serial rapist Bill Clinton and the Clinton Crime Cartel.

Claire covered for Chicago criminal drug-abusing homosexual Obama and was an early endorser in 2008. She repeated the crime in 2012.

Now she's covering for serial groper and plagiarist Joe Biden, an over-the-hill dimwit who lives in a make-believe world where he's important.

Anonymous said...

Why does this washed up bitch keep getting quoted ?